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So many people have asked what I feed Baby J to keep her thriving! As she continues to grow (and get more teeth) I'm sure the amount and variety of foods and textures she eats will grow. Here's what has worked for us.

Speak to your pediatrician before introducing foods to your baby, or if you have any concerns about your baby's diet or health. I'm not an expert in nutrition or children. I'm just another mom sharing what keeps my baby and my family healthy and happy 😄

info about mom supplementing with vitamin D: https://www.llli.org/breastfeeding-info/vitamin-d/
(speak to your doctor and pediatrician about this too. I'm sure they will still recommend giving your baby vitamin D supplement. You can give a baby supplement––which is not usually vegan–– or, my pediatrician recommended giving Baby J 400IU of a liquid vegan vitamin D)

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