Violence moves from streets into parliament | Scuffles in Hong Kong’s legislative council

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A melee of sorts broke out in Hong Kong’s legislative council over who should run the house committee – which scrutinizes bills and decides when they are voted on. Pro-Beijing lawmaker Chan Kin-por was appointed to oversee the election of a new leader last week. The tussle began this morning when pro-democracy lawmakers tried to reach Kin-por in his chair, which was fenced off by 20 security guards. Other protesters joined in by yelling and pointing from their seats. Sometimes diplomacy can only get you so far, but there’s nothing like a futile scuffle to get your point across. During the several minutes of argy-bargy, one person fell to the floor injured and another attempted a running jump to try to reach the chairman’s bench (but was stopped in mid-air by guards). Eventually, most of the pro-democracy lawmakers left or were removed, and the pro-Beijing Starry Lee was elected chairwoman of the house committee. Activists believe this will pave the way for the controversial National Anthem Bill to be passed, which will criminalize abuse of China’s national anthem.

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Let the "rats" erase themselves ;)
And we have a "clean" planet.

Paris, Greece, Hong Kong, the US, looks like global revolt is on the way, can we have GIABO now?

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