How do you self-isolate a family of four generations?

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Russia has registered 500 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to more than 23-hundred. 17 have died, and partial lockdowns have been imposed in Moscow and large parts of the country. President Putin addressed the nation on Monday, urging people to stay at home.

One Russian family - six adults, two teenagers, and three young children, 4 generations in total - self-isolate together in a four-room apartment. This is just one of millions of families around the world, who made the decision to self-isolate, before anyone forced them to do so. They understand that everyone has to play their part, to end this pandemic.

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In venezuela many people are in self insolate, people understand that everyone has to play their part, in this war against Covid 19, but yet there are citizens that no uderstand that everyone need to stay in home.

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