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I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Hive recently asking me where you can use it, how can it be used, amongst many more. Today I will be going through all these questions and showing you what Hive looks like on a few platforms.

What I’m covering based on frequently asked questions are: can you access your wallet, can you easily acquire Hive and or trade Steem for hive, what dapps have migrated, what do they look like, how do these platforms feel to use, and how do you know if a dapp has migrated.

This is where you can go to learn more about the project in general: https://hive.io/
This is the main interface used for accessing Hive that replicates Steemit: https://hive.blog/. Do note that you cannot currently access your wallet on Hive.blog, but you can see its contents on Hiveblocks or access it on PeakD.

https://hiveblocks.com/ is a replica of SteemD which offers you a great explorer and resource for everything happening on Hive including your account which you can view at https://hiveblocks.com/@yourusername. Replace “yourusername” with yours and you can see all your stats including your wallet and everything in it. There’s a lot more information you can dive into yourself should you choose to.

You can easily trade Steem and several other currencies for Hive on Blocktrades here https://blocktrades.us/en/trade. It has also been listed on Bittrex and Probit so far which you can see on Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/hive#markets
There are many platforms that have now migrated over to Hive or work with both Hive and Steem. One of the questions I recently had were: what platforms work with it, can I demo them, and how can you tell if a platform has migrated or is in the process of doing so.

Below are some of the platforms I mentioned previously and went over today
Partiko – They are migrating to Hive currently and were my go-to mobile dapp for Steem. They will surely be my go-to for Hive. - https://partiko.app
Busy – Another interface to access Steem that is in the process of migrating over. - https://busy.org/
Peakd – A Steemit alternative platform that has moved to Hive. This is my topmost recommended platform to use for accessing Hive and you can access your wallet on here. - https://peakd.com/

What are your thoughts on Hive? If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to ask. Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


Yeah really like Peakd aswell.

It's a solid alternative and offers everything we need :)

PeakD is the Hive version of Steempeak. I was a hardcore fan of Steempeak since long ago, so I started using PeakD from day 1. I was impressed with how quickly they got everything working right after the fork. They had most bugs fixed within the first day, and they've actually added some features since then.

Ionomy had both Hive and Steem listed on the first day that Hive opened. I've used their exchange to swap whatever liquid Steem I had. They don't have a direct STEEM/HIVE pair, so you have to buy Bitcoin first, then buy the other coin with your Bitcoin. It's also a regular exchange where you can make limit orders and all that, as opposed to a quick swap service like Blocktrades. It might still be a better deal than Blocktrades. The exchange rates at Blocktrades fluctuate quite a bit. One time I checked the rate was 93 HIVE for 100 STEEM, then I checked later the same day and it was at 60 HIVE for 100 STEEM. That's wild.

True eh! Thanks for all the great information too :)

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