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This is my fifth comprehensive review of blockchain social media platforms meant to give you the most thorough resource and reference for finding the next best platforms to use! In this review, I cover about 170 social media platforms that either uses the blockchain in some way or are crypto-monetized.

Video Timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
04:56 The Review
06:00 Explore More Dapps
07:48 Blockchain Services & Resources
08:42 Platforms That Aren’t Ready
9:00 Old & Not Recommended
13:30 Recommended Before But Not Now
15:48 New & Not Recommended
22:21 Avoid These Platforms
27:30 Platforms With Potential
32:50 Tertiary Recommendations
37:28 Primary Recommendations
45:52 Conclusion & Final Thoughts

This will be covering some new platforms not covered in the previous but mainly re-reviewing any applications or websites that weren’t quite to par but weren’t awful from the last review. I will very briefly double-check the awful ones and either add them here if they’ve improved or not include them given, they were in the last one and you don’t need to see the same thing twice.

In the video itself, I go through some of the main recommendations I give and the platforms that I am currently using. I only go through some brief examples of ones not recommended for sake of time and to give some insight as to how I came to my decisions.

One last thing before starting is that I’d like to state my bias. I will look unfavorably on websites that require too much verification like requiring you verify your phone to even browse the platform (several platforms failed to verify mine), require you to spend crypto on every interaction, require Facebook or Google to sign up, websites that are overly centralized, websites that claim to use blockchain but don’t, and most EOS platforms given the challenge it is to use them and all the extra extensions and programs needed that make it almost unusable for mobile. Note that I have included several EOS platforms in the not recommended as I still did go and try them.

I’d also like to state that in a few cases now, I’ve been historically correct with what will or won’t succeed. I said Hyperspace won’t last because they require post-approval, phone verification to earn when they couldn’t verify a Canadian number, and they lacked features. They shut down likely because they didn’t meet all these criteria and as such, I have continued to apply the same criteria to every platform I review. To see the breakdown of why I chose these categories you can check out this video:

Download This As A PDF:
Read.Cash Blog:
For now I just have the PDF because it's too long for most blogging platforms.

If you feel I made a mistake, poorly reviewed something, or missed a key platform to review, please comment below and I will take your feedback in and edit this to include it or edit my post accordingly. I really hope this benefits you as much as I hope it does. This took me a very long time. Please share this with others if you believe they will find use in it too! For some I explained my reasoning more than others. If you’re interested, you can inquire about anything, and I’ll get more in-depth on it even making a video if needed. Let me know what you think about all this in the comments below.

Below are the links for the previous review which was the 4th in the series so you can get an idea of the changes since:


What review or guide would you like me to do next? What’s your favorite platform? Where are you spending most of your time? Where are you earning the most?


Do you avoid linking your DTube account to Hive because of the single-tag limit on DTube?

I want to patronize Hive exclusive videos so I use 3speak. This is connected with Steem so I can use DTube on its own and with steem as well as 3speak with Hive. This helps me test out more platforms and divserfiy. I don't play favorites

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