Yes, I thought so too
But maybe because it's year end in the middle of a pandemic ...

I honestly believe it has more to do with Hive Communities and chasing rewards .... eg DTube cannot post into communities and must be a cross-post which is not acceptable by some thus no community support ... posting just to DTube adds work as preferred destination for viewing(of most missing people) is hive or peakd thus I believe many stick with the simpler solution which gives the best user experience experience based on choice of viewing destination.

I have started informing past active uploaders they can post strictly to DTube without need for HIVE/STEEM as it seems pointing out how to chase further rewards will be what brings them in 🤔

Right on top 4 for me and top 10 for OneLoveDTube ❤️ Can’t wait to see where we ranked for the yearly breakdown 😅

I believe the issue we face atm is the battle of video platforms for the Hive communities attention ... eg I’m not sure many know they can post just to Avalon and feel as if they must choose between DTube and our competitor on Hive