What is happening with the current state of DTube?

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So for those who are wondering what is happening here on DTube, or got their DTUBE deposits or withdrawals to and from Eth stuck at the gateway, this is the video to watch.

▶️ DTube

Great job my friend taking lead on projecting a message for the entire community to follow 👍

Super stoked for Alive release my friend ❤️

Thanks for the update.

Disappointing.. I'm out of words.

Thank you for taking the responsibility over the servers and all your work you have done so far. But tbh I am a bit disappointed how you handle the trust of heimindanger and turned that into a rant over the team. But that's just my poersonal pov. You are doing great and I am happy that you have the control over those critical servers.

 last month 

Well it is not a good thing to have people's funds stuck in the gateway. Communication is clearly lacking, and it has to be spoken up or else it is not going anywhere.

Appreciate not only the update but the work and the willingness to jump in and keep this boat afloat!

@nannal REALLY? Prime example, your stupid ass @shitpostbapper hits my comments THANKING @techcoderx for making a difference. Prime example of how when an admit creates a bot to downvote EVERYTHING you do, regardless of merit, this place is destined for failure. What a little prick tyrant.

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