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A last night I’ll not sleep because of injury in my back because of slip in stairs up
Lets explain from morning For not sleeping in night I will sleep earlier in the morning around 4 am after eat painkiller. Then I woke up at 10 AM it’s very Shenzhen and my mom telling me get free faster because of appointment of Dr in out of town at Firozabad

I will brush properly and eat breakfast then call our friend to come with me after an half hour he will come and we both or leave from home and go to the doctor which are situated at Frirozabad trauma Centre.

We meet a doctor and buy a medicine and take some reports after that we’ll go to the market and drink coconut water with raj Bhog it’s very delicious and coconut water is helpful for our health and Raj Bagh is also less sugar sweet.

Take a view of coconut water with Raj bhog It’s around $1.50


There was many sweets in the shop named Daudi sweet Bhandar. Take a view of the daugi sweet Bhandar from inside



After that we go to the petrol pump and fill the petrol in our bike petrol is very costly now that time it’s all around $1.25


After that we decided to return back of whom whom but there was a Hughes traffic we are stuck in the traffic and we are late to back the home.
We returned home around 7 o’clock and after that I eat that dinner and after dinner I scroll our estimate
And check the post Of steemit friends.

And at night around 10 o’clock I’ll will Drink the milk with two bananas and go to sleep

Thank You




Good Night , Steem On


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