Better life with steem | The Diary game 10 April | Saturday

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hello guys how are you all, I hope you all be well. this is my 151th diary entry let's start and talk about my today's activities.

Today I woke up at 5 in the morning, after woking up, I saw my phone and seen some notifications in it. Later went to the washroom, washed his face there and brushed his teeth. After that, I wore running shoes and went out of the house for a run. After some time I reached the road. I ran there and after that I did some exercise. Then after some time I started going back home. The summer season is catching up very fast, after running I was feeling very hot, so I went for a quick bath. After a while, the shower came out.


When I was going for coaching, I drank cold drink in a food court on the way.

Then I had breakfast. After that I started going for coaching at 1 pm. After some time I reached coaching. There, I attended a 4-hour class as usual. After that, around 5 pm, I started coming home from there. After some time I went back home. I washed hands and mouth after coming home. After some time a friend of mine came to his phone and asked me to go to the dominos. So I was also feeling hungry, so I agreed to go with him dominos. After some time he came out of my house, so I sat on the bike with him and went. After some time we reached dominos pizza.



We ate pizza there. We talked with friends and had fun. After that we started coming back for home. My friend left me at my house. After coming home, I ate a little food. After that I started studying. After some time I went to my bed and lay down.

So that’s all my today’s activities.


Thank you

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Thank you.

Thank You for sharing your day with us , it was a normal day and i hope to see more of your post in future.

Thanks for visiting here 🙏🙏

I drank cold drink in a food court on the way.

Drinking cold drink in summer feels very good. And I also like thumbs up very much.


Your pizza is looking very tasty. I also want to have pizza but here you won't get pizza as tasty as this. 😑😑😑 So that's why I am not going and resisting myself.

Thank you for sharing your diary.

Thank you my friend @prakhar9675

Yummy Pizza looking so delicious,enjoy it.

Nice post ftom you.Take care.

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Thanks dear @lavanyalakshman 🙂

Always welcome

Cold drink is good choice in summer season.
And Pizza looks very tasty.🤤
Have a nice day

Thank you

Thanks 😊

Thank you for sharing your dairy.
Colddrink in summer feels relax whole stresss of the day.☺

Thanks for visiting here 🙏

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Thank you so much @rishabh99946 , @bestofindia

i also had pizza and coke just yesterday with my friends. have a good day .

Thanks for visiting here my friend 🙏😊

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Pizza Looks Very delicious.
Have a good day
Thank you