BOI- Monthly Curation Reward Update & Distribution of Delegator's Reward for Mar' 2021

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Since the announcement of the Best of India community, we invited delegations from the newcomers as well as from those who seek DeFi opportunities through delegations.

In the month of Mar' 2021, the total number of delegators stands at 24, with a total effective SP- 29313.

Best of India gives 100% curation reward (both STEEM & TRX) to its delegators.

So before going into the details of the Delegators' reward, we would like to express our gratitude to all the delegators on behalf of the BOI community for helping us to build this community.

Here is the list of the Delegators, SP, date of Delegation.


Please note that for those who keep on adding delegation more than once, the figures as given in this table are to be read as cumulative delegated SP. Similarly, those who have removed delegations(partially or all) have been indicated as (-) & (0).

As different delegators have delegated on different dates, we have calculated the Effective Monthly Weightage of SP for each delegator.


Effective Monthly weightage of SP-Delegated

From the above table consider the case of @sanjeev.kumar,

The delegation by @sanjeev.kumar at the start of the month (1st Mar) was 300 SP, he delegated an additional 11 SP on 8th Mar(Cumulative 311 SP).

So 300 SP remains in curation effect for 31 days, 11 SP remains in curation effect for 24 days in the month of Mar' 2021.

=> Effective Monthly Weightage of SP-Delegated by @jyotisingh to BOI in Mar' 2021= [(300 * 31)+(11 * 24)/31
= 308.52 SP

Please note that the @bestofindia account has its own SP as well. It also generates the author's reward from time to time through various contest announcements, updates, etc. So the effective monthly weightage of SP for the @bestofindia account is also taken into account for this calculation.

The total curation reward generated in the month of Mar' 2021 is 625.079 SP.



So after calculating the Effective Monthly weightage of SP for each delegator, we calculated the percentage share for each of them out of the total curation reward generated, and finally, we obtained the curation reward earned by the individual Delegators through the BOI community.


Based on Mar' 2021 curation reward, the projected APR stands at 25.59%. In the previous month, it was 16.63%. We always try our best to maintain good curation efficiency, but our objective is primarily focused on helping the newcomers, curating them, guiding them, ultimately building the community. Keeping that objective intact, we also strategize the use of SP to make the curation efficient & competitive.

Please note that if we take TRX rewards into account, the projected APR will further rise by 4.4% approx.

We have already distributed the delegator rewards(in STEEM) to the respective delegators. TRX rewards distribution to follow shortly.


That's all. Thank you again for delegating to the BOI community, we will continue working hard to build this community.

Steem on.

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For any questions, clarifications, etc, please join the comment section.




Unless otherwise stated, all the images, infographics, charts, tables, etc(if any) are the original works of @bestofindia.


You Guys are doing a great hard-work on your community account - Keep going more success to you and your team...!

You explained the delegation calculation very clearly. Really, you guys are doing hard to take up BOI community higher n higher. Really appreciate 😊👏

It's informative & helpful for beginners to know more about the functioning of steemit. 👍👍