Consolidated List of Spammers/Plagiarists(Repeat Offenders)-- Date- 03/04/2021

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Here is a fresh update on the recent spam/plagiarism cases.

The following users are deliberately trying to spam/plagiarize in Steemit Crypto Academy.

S NoPlagiaristPost LinkOrginal SourceHomework TaskProfessor

In the previous correspondence, we requested all of these users not to spam/plagiarize again, also requested them to correct the course. But they don't care what we request/suggest. They are incessantly spamming/plagiarizing in the crypto academy.

We found that these spammers/plagiarists are stealing the original content(in English) of other participants and translating them into HINDI/SPANISH//KOREAN, and trying it represent it as their own content.

Plagiarism is an act of stealing the content of others and representing it as their own content and/or passing off content without acknowledgment of the real authorship.

Therefore we hereby drop the usernames(caught in repeated spam/plagiarism cases) permanently from the List of Active Authors. They will never be curated with community curator account(s). We also request the Admin/MOD of BOI to mute them forever with immediate effect.


Consolidated List of Spammer/Plagiarists

The following users are running alternate accounts to abuse the reward pool, they are also relentlessly spamming/plagiarizing in Steem Blockchain in various initiatives like #betterlife #cryptoacademy.

We also found that three/four different users are using the same memo to send their STEEM to Exchange account.

S NoSpammers/PlagiaristAlt account(s)Remarks
4@vivek02@vivek02Spam/Plagiarism, Also one account is being used(for four users) to send STEEM to exchange
16@uday9389@aravtomarSpam/Plagiarism. Also one account is being used(for four users) to send STEEM to exchange
21@raju23@ishu45spam #betterlife
22@agata0@trafalgar-2spam #betterlife
Other Spam Accounts
28@sweety01spam #betterlife
31@hussain56spam #betterlife
32@carlos083spam #betterlife

We request @neerajkr03 to drop their names from SUT.

We also request the CRs of other communities to keep a close eye on these users to make sure that these spammers don't participate in any contest run by them.

Thank you.






Cameroon (@njiatanga, @saxopedia), Ghana (@njaywan, @oppongk), Nigeria (@focusnow, @bright-obias, @whitestallion), Uganda (@yohan2on), Mexico (@leveuf), Argentina (@belenguerra, @fendit), Venezuela (@adeljose, @anasuleidy, @edlili24, @mariita52, @tocho2, @albenis, @inspiracion, @wilmer1988), Bangladesh (@rex-sumon, @tarpan, @toufiq777), India (@neerajkr03, @rishabh99946, @sapwood), Indonesia (@anroja, @ernaerningsih, @nazarul, @radjasalman), Japan (@cryptokannon), Pakistan (@rashid001), Sri Lanka (@besticofinder, @randulakoralage), Italy (@girolamomarotta), Russia (@filinpaul, @knopka145), Turkey (@alikoc07), Ukraine (@antorv, @olesia) and New Zealand (@kiwiscanfly).


Excellent work, thank you @sapwood and all the Crypto Professors who helped gather the information for this list.

Hopefully all Community Leaders will pay careful attention to the names in this list.

@steemchiller, @stef1, @kiwi-crypto, @the-gorilla - you may be interested in this list.

Thank you, this is very helpful indeed.

@steemchiller, @stef1, @kiwi-crypto - I have wondered before about creating a "plagiarism community" of some sort as a destination to highlight plagiarism. We can then share our reports, etc. in a consolidated place and increase visibility of our no-tolerance approach. What do you think?

Hopefully, also discovering others who are taking action too - I honestly thought I was the only one weeding out this content and was rather disheartened by it.

I'm up to 22 plagiarised articles since my Thursday update although @ghaffar093 accounts for half of these - he has a 100% plagiarised publishing record, has been smashed down to 15 already (with the power I have) and needs ending.

We do need a consolidated approach with some SP like steemit delegate to other projects

That account now has a rep of 9 :)

It's created and I've added you all as mods - the admin option wasn't there so could do with some help on that one. If you'd like me to remove you, or if you're able to remove yourself then I'm happy to do that. Or if anybody else should be added.

cc - @steemchiller, @stef1, @kiwi-crypto, @steemcurator01

Like I said, I'm feeling rough as **** so haven't created any content yet but we're good to go.

Looks Great :)

@kiwi-crypto, @chriddi - Please destroy this fool. Look at the comments for the last dozen posts and he's just shat in my beloved World of Football community.

Some did while I slept... ;-)

Cool, I'll get on with the community later when I'm feeling less rough. I'll go with the classic "Steem Cleaners" name so it covers plagiarism, spamming and anything else that rears its ugly head.

I'll make us all admins initially (including steemcurator01) and we can adapt it as we go and see if delegation's possible (not that I understand delegation yet).

It's only going one way for ghaffar.

Good move, although I would suggest using a new name rather than Steem Cleaners - to save confusion with the old operation.

The previous Steem Cleaners might also claim their name has been plagiarised !

Maybe it would be worth keeping a regularly updated list of plagiarists (alphabetically sorted for easy finding) pinned at the top of the community for quick reference.

Also if a separate community account is established for publishing updated lists etc, it can be voted for and delegated to to build up some voting (downvoting) power.

Thank you

cc @sapwood @steemchiller @kiwi-crypto @stef1

The previous Steem Cleaners might also claim their name has been plagiarised !

I am also having a similar opinion on this.

Regarding any spam/plagiarism cases, from India, we will update you here either on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

We need to build a strong alliance to curb rising cases of spam/plagairism, and need to keep an updated curated directory to be used as a reference for different community leaders and CRs.

Thank you so much.

The previous Steem Cleaners might also claim their name has been plagiarised !

The irony 🤣🤣 I hadn't thought about that!!!

I'll change it to something @kiwi-crypto will appreciate until we come up with a better name.

I'll have to research community accounts as I'm not familiar with them at the moment. Hopefully it's something that can have shared access.

It crossed my mind that as part of Achievement 3, we could reference this community as somewhere that you can highlight plagiarism/spamming safely. @cryptokannon - is this something you'd be happy with and think would be beneficial to newcomers?

that would be helpful, we would put this community known to the newcomers in that achievement post.

Also if a separate community account is established for publishing updated lists etc, it can be voted for and delegated to to build up some voting (downvoting) power.

I can't find anywhere that says how to do this, can somebody point me in the right direction please?

EDIT: cryptokannon has solved this so I'll try to create a 2nd account with a menacing name. I'll let you know how I get on.

I'll keep it fairly tame with "plagiarism-stopper"

EDIT: name too long.

UPDATE: cryptokannon has solved my problem and "endingplagiarism" will be joining us shortly. the-gorilla can then return to his happy life, writing about fun things like Football. For 1 week. Then the-baby-gorilla will appear and end him.

I think they mean to create another steem account for publishing those lists, so they can upvote and delegate to this account. So start to think the name for this account that will be fear of by those incoming spammers/plagiarists 😄

Naughty accounts 👿
I removed any remaining rewards i could find :)


Thank you so much.

I appreciate it.

We will pay attention to all this spamming/plagiarism action in steem. Thanks so much for letting us know.

You have done a great job, my friend...

Thank you.

Thanks so much for this great work. The highlighted Spammers and plagiarists should now be ashamed. It's time to kick them out of the steemit Crypto academy.

For now the blacklist option should be effectively utilized by all professors. Repeat offenders should never waste our valuable time on their spammy and plagiarized content.

I kindly suggest that the steemit team should create a separate account for downvoting spam and plagiarized content. We need to see some reputations of repeat offenders going to negatives such that whoever sees those accounts' content, just ignores them.

Plagiarism and spammy content are NOT tolerated on steemit

Thank you, my friend.

Well sir, you caught me but now how will I get out of my ID

Good work from you.

Thank you.

Great work!Thanks to do this for Steem Community! Have a nice Day

Thank you.

Thank you.

Wow, great work!
Will keep an eye on these users...

Thank you.

Nice work! @sapwood, Let's keep the blockchain, I will keep an eye on these spammers/plagiarists. Wehdone!

Thank you.

Thanks a lot, @sapwood. Definitely will help us while curating legit community members out here.

Thank you.

@bestofindia - thank you.

There's one user I have been tracking - @ghaffar093 -

Just 1 post in your community but is a 100% plagiarist and needs putting down. He'll appear in my Monday plagiarist report but you may wish to take action before then.

cc: @kiwi-crypto, @sapwood

Thank you so much. I will update the report. From now onwards we will update such consolidated list on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


Excellamt job. I would suggest to label (if possible) them as SPAMMERS/ PLAGIARISTS against their name , so that they are easily spotted and they are themselves ashamed of posting any content here.

Great job done

This is great, we would all be keeping eyes out and also report any observations to the new community been created. Kudos to all professors we salute

Thanks for the update this is a very good and motivating. Keep the good work going I really appreciate this effort.

Sure, I will remove them from #SUT.


This is one more from @swetatiwari Post 7 which is a complete copy of another post.

These all users keep trying different tricks to abuse the reward pool, after detection as PLAGIARISM and comment about the same they simply delete the post.


Such accounts are increasing every week in contests. The best is to mute them and do not consider their entry for review, curate.

Thank you and yes it is a spam account.