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We are excited to announce the winners of Gadget review contest.

We observed that, very few steemians have participated in this contest. We are not sure if the contest rules were tough or we couldn't do a proper advertisement but we really want more participants in Gadget review contest next time. Please share your feedback/ suggestions. We apologize for the late announcement but we wanted to do some homework so that we could improve this contest next time.

Please answer below questions to Win instant STEEM. We will select few unique replies and reward them each with 3 STEEM.

  1. Please tell us few things which you didn't like about this contest.
  2. What rules you would like to change?
  3. What was the reason that you couldn't participate in this contest?
  4. Was the contest price/reward too low?

The way technology is changing and companies are frequently upgrading their products and services, almost every month a new electronic gadget is being launched and gadget reviews could be helpful for prospective buyers to understand the features and select the products based on their needs. So we will run this contest again very soon and hoping to see more participants. Also, @bestofindia will announce more contest soon and we are in process of adding additional moderators in this community. This post might be helpful to understand our vision, proof of dedication and @bestofindia economy.

Below is the list of winners.

Winner 1 @vaibhavsan



Winner 2 @lavanyalakshman



Winner 3 @drqamu



Winner 4 @akkibadboy



Winner 5 @dharamps



Winner 6 @prakhar9675



Further entries

Congratulations to all winners. 11 STEEM each as a prize will be transferred to all winners within next 24 hours.

Thank you for participating in the Gadget reviews contest organized by @bestofindia.

Please join us on BestOfIndia Channels:-

For any questions, clarifications, etc, please join the comment section.



Thank you Steemit team for all your support and guidance.


The post payout is set to "Power Up 100%".


Thank you and congratulations to fellow winners.

  • Please tell us few things which you didn't like about this contest.

Although i participated thrice but one thing which i didn't like was mention at least 2 online sites. There is world offline still exisitng. Out of 3 gadgets that i entered into contest with, i only had bought one gadget online . I can understand that it could have provided other people opportunity too to buy. However, one site was enough.

  • What rules you would like to change?
    Site change to one , otherwise it is perfect. I think removing proof of ownership can increase participants because it will be like Stremhunt , but you can stick to it for the sake of originally.

  • What was the reason that you couldn't participate in this contest?

I participated thrice than i checked participants, i found them very less. I thought i w8ll get one position at least and the prizes are same. It doesn't matter whether i get first position or last. To sum up, let us rationalise the rewards.

  • Was the contest price/reward too low?

Not really. Here scores of people are participating for 5 steem contest by seemingcurators community. So 11> 5 . Should have double the participants. But one thing that i find seriously lacking in BOI community was active efforts by our community managers (pardon me for being rude, if at all i am) .
Why i feel so is that i am here much optimistic about BOI community but community effors are feeble and dismal. When i look at other communities like steemalive that i joints few days ago, we stand no where ( i use we for BOI because i am from india too). Lot of things still missing.

Thank you.

#twopercent #india

 5 months ago 

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate that.

We will change few rules in Gadget reviews 2nd contest and will put more effort to improve the activity in BOI community. We are new, learning and will try our level best to improve in the areas where we are lacking.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for this contest. To answer your questions

  1. I believe the contest was good overall.
  2. Maybe ask only for link to only one site than two. One other thing i would like to add is, you could provide 0.5 steem to every participant and then provide the winners with extra steem like 11 or a bit less.
  3. I participated in the contest.
  4. The prize was sufficient.
 5 months ago 

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate that.

First of all, Thank you for organizing this amazing contest.
Congratulations to all winners . 🌻

1- According to me, there is no such thing which is not good for this contest. There was also a lot of time for this contest. So more people could participate in this contest.

2 - No rules should be changed. According to this contest all the rules are necessary.

3 - See it is like that there were very few active users in that time India community. So the first reason must have been this. And the second reason, according to me, is that this contest could not be promoted in the way you wanted it to. So many people will not know about this contest. And its prize was too low, So maybe People may not have taken much interest.

And if I talk on my own, this is our community. I will always support it And this contest was very good and simple too.
I liked this contest, so I participated. 😉

4 - Yes, I think so. Its prize was low . There is a reason also. You could do that , This contest could have fewer winners, only 3. Which would increase the prize of the winners. Like : 1st Prize - 25 Steem , 2nd - Prize - 20 Steem , 3rd Prize - 15 Steem ..
So people would have been more interested to this contest.
You could choose winners with the quality of the post.

p.s. Please do not say anything about my English. If I understand then you will also understand. 😂👍

Thank You

#twopercent #india #affable

 5 months ago 

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate that.

Thank you very much.

Coming to me,this contest is very interesting and very easy to participate.

Rules also reasonable.

I think due to low prizes lot of them not showing interest to this contest.

Another reason is this contest not reach huge persons ,i think lot of users dont know about this contest. Very few members known about it. If it reach huge persons then possible to get lot of entries.

Another readon is steem price also dropping,so lot of them not showing interest to work here.

If they have funds just doing delegation,then go for other work. Active users falling down day by day.

All those factors affact contest in steem now. I think so.

#affable #india #twopercent

 5 months ago 

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate that.

 5 months ago (edited)

Congratulations to alll winners and kudos to their writing skill and their skill to describe products.

I have done this gadget review post and i didn't find any difficulty to do it.

The rules for this post were not much hard. Actually those were not the rules. As per my thinking, @bestofindia was just trying to make people understand how a good post is made.

  1. If any one writes a review of less than 250 words, how he is supposed to compress all the pros and cons in a single post.

Now a days gadgets are full of technology which you can't cover in less than 250 words

  1. If one compares more than 3 products in a single post, then a common person cannot understand. He will first try to remember name. Which is not familiar.

  2. To make it compulsory to add minimum two websites to buy that product was a rule that was needed. Now a days there are so many e-commerce websites and those websites has their own offers and payment method..
    So one can easily find out their suitable website to but it from

So there are some rules which were essential and it couldn't be separated from this contest.

Thank you @bestofindia @sapwood @neerajkr03 @rishabh99946.

#onepercent #affable #india

 5 months ago (edited)

Then reasons why people didn't take part in this contest might be one of the following:-

  1. The might have less engaged to the most of the people..
    As we don't know on steem how many people have seen this post so this might be an cause of it.

The possible solution of this might be to make it compulsory to be resteemed by every participant.
This will make it more engaged if it was less engaged

  1. At the time this contest was organised, deepawali was approaching. So in india there are many people who prefer to buy anything on dhanteras as they find it very good symbol..

So if this contest was organised at this time, it might have more users with new products.

So according to me, the timing of this contest could have improved
So these might be possible reasons why more people didn't take part in this contest.

I might be wrong but it is all i could think about
@bestofindia @rishabh99946 @neerajkr03 @sapwood

#onepercent #india #affable

 5 months ago 

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate that.

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