The Diary Game - 06 /04 /2021

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Waking up early in the morning makes our day better and this gives our body a different energy.

But friends, I do not get up early in the morning, because of which I keep feeling lazy on the day and lazy all day.

This morning I woke up at 8 o'clock, so I first ran my phone.After that I put the phone on charging and then I drank water then I brushed after being fresh.

पनीर नान का ठेला

At 9:30 in the morning I went to the market to eat naan with my friend, before leaving the house, I wore the hottest mask and after that I called my friend.

Then after coming home, the hands were sanitized, then gave their Google Form Test, which was about 40 minutes.

गेधे का पौधा

In the afternoon I bathed with cold water. After that when I went to the terrace, I sat there for a while. After coming down after that I ate food. And then I watched TV for a while.

Around 2 in the afternoon I called my friend and then I played pubg after that. after playing pubg i put the phone on charging and after that i slept.

शाम का दृश्य

5 :00 in the evening, I went to my friend's house, because he had some work here for which he had called me to his house.

When I came home, I remembered that I had to bring goods for the house, then I went to the market again.

After eating home, I had food, and after thatI walked for a while on the terrace.Then I played pubg.Then I started having sleep.

Thank You


You have written the first line of your diary very well. But in the second paragraph, I got to know your reality. 😅 Perhaps you are the first person who feels lazy after getting up early.

पनीर नान का ठेला

Wah! Excellent, you are using both languages ​​in your diary.

Have a nice day.

Thank You

I wore the hottest mask

Nice to read your diary. What hottest mask means?

Pubg is a great way to pass some time.
Keep posting,
Stay safe.

I keep feeling lazy on the day and lazy all day.
Laziness is now becoming part of our life.due to corona virus. We have to set our schedule.

Road side vendor make best food and cheaper than restaurants
Nice diary from your side.

Why are you using both languages.
By the way nice diary from your side.have a nice day

Thank you

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   Bro you really doing hard work and you encouraging me a lot 

Thank you
Keep it up.😊