Heyyyy buddies!! How was your day?? and I hope all are fine and happy! stay home and safe!
My mum always tries to do new recipes. so I thought of trying new BUTTER CAKE and believe me it came out really well. thus, today's diary is all about cake cake cake!!!.
before that, I wanted to share my morning activities.
I started my day by 7 in the morning, made myself fresh, and spent some time outside. later I had my classes and I watched tv for some time. later by evening, I had some snacks, bread with homemade papaya jam it was very tasty. The evening after 730 hrs the weather was perfect for a walk. a cool breeze with a chill atmosphere. and most importantly bright moon!!
after coming back from upstairs I started making a cake. so quickly let me tell you the recipe.

MAIDA - 1 cup
SALT - 1/4 spoon
BAKING SODA - 2 spoons
EGGS - 2 nos
BUTTER - 100 g
SUGAR -150 g
MILK -200 ml

STEP 1:Take a clean bowl, add 1 cup of maida, 1/4 spoon of salt, and 2 spoons of baking soda.
photo_2021-06-16_23-10-33 (2).jpg

STEP 2:Take another bowl melt 100g of butter in a micro oven, to that add 2 eggs,150 g of sugar(crushed) and 200 ml of milk, and 1/4 spoon of vanilla essence.

STEP 3: Now mix these two mixtures together and make sure that there is no clumps.
STEP 4:Then preheat your oven for about 180C and bake for 10 mins.

STEP 5: After it gets cooled down cut them into pieces and serve.



you take add honey on top of it for a complete look!
sweet and soft butter cake ready!!
try and let me know in your comments!




I have never tasted butter cake. But u will try to have this ASAP.
Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe with us.


Thats really a great to see that you shared recipe of butter cake. Cake look amazing. Thank you for sharing the recipe. @deeptideepu #india #affable

The shape looking like idly Deepti ☺️. Seems you guys made yummy one 😉

aii!! don't make fun!!
anyway thanks, buddy!!
#affable #india

Haha 😂

Haha how was your holiday right now?

wonderful ya..yours??
actually, I have joined classes,and I'm not able to attend be active!

Oh good. Seems college reopened their classes through online. I rejoined to my work 😉. I am waiting for next lockdown as I get leave 🤣. Hope Delta virus gives me more holiday.

you are anti-Indian !!!!!...
anyway, that's great your back to work!!
even I wish for holidays!! :D (hehehehe)

Did you believe we get one more lockdown? Just your opinion ?

yaah i do !!!!
it keeps on increasing

Your butter cake is looking so tasty
Nice diary keep posting

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Thank you.

thank you so much!
i'll correct me from next !!
#affable #india

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Thank you

thank you !!
ill for sure!!

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