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RE: Winners announcement - Gadget Reviews contest by @bestofindia on Steemit | Reply to questions and win extra STEEM.

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First of all, Thank you for organizing this amazing contest.
Congratulations to all winners . 🌻

1- According to me, there is no such thing which is not good for this contest. There was also a lot of time for this contest. So more people could participate in this contest.

2 - No rules should be changed. According to this contest all the rules are necessary.

3 - See it is like that there were very few active users in that time India community. So the first reason must have been this. And the second reason, according to me, is that this contest could not be promoted in the way you wanted it to. So many people will not know about this contest. And its prize was too low, So maybe People may not have taken much interest.

And if I talk on my own, this is our community. I will always support it And this contest was very good and simple too.
I liked this contest, so I participated. 😉

4 - Yes, I think so. Its prize was low . There is a reason also. You could do that , This contest could have fewer winners, only 3. Which would increase the prize of the winners. Like : 1st Prize - 25 Steem , 2nd - Prize - 20 Steem , 3rd Prize - 15 Steem ..
So people would have been more interested to this contest.
You could choose winners with the quality of the post.

p.s. Please do not say anything about my English. If I understand then you will also understand. 😂👍

Thank You

#twopercent #india #affable

 5 months ago 

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate that.

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