Betterlife with steem : 12/04/2021; Learn with Steem [ Educating students about BLINDNESS, Prevention and Treatment]

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What a wonderful day it was. Having received an invitation from Army major yesterday regarding awareness campaign on blindness. I was pleased to think about the efforts put out by our army to educate the people along with their hectic duty schedules. So to respect their efforts, I wholeheartedly accepted their invitation. Venue for awareness campaign was not mentioned on the invitation letter until yesterday evening one of the army officer calledme and informed me about the venue (school) and also told me that I'll have to act as a tutor for the awareness program. I happily accepted the invitation and made my mind for the same.

Blindness is a gigantic problem in developing countries because the leading causes of blindness are those that can be prevented or treated in this technological era. The major causes of blindness in developing countries in decreasing order of their prevalence are Cataract, Glaucoma, Teachoma, Vit A deficiency and infectious diseases followed by some less prevelant other causes. As i mentioned above, these are preventable/ treatable causes of blindness, so don't let these diseases push someone known to you, into miseries.

Here i am educating kids on blindess

I informed students about causes of blindness, preventive measures, national programmes run by our government, global initiatives and also about early symptom so as to be able to seek treatment on time.

After i was done, we had tea with school administration and army officers. We than discussed about many other issues like poverty, unemployment, covid upsurge, education system etc. Overall it was a cordial and worth remembering meet after my lecture. Than we happily headed towards our destinations.

i was back to hospital by 2:30 pm, reviewed our covid vaccination preparation and than by 4:00 pm, i came back home. I than took tea and checked online vaccination data entry app for various details. Than i helped my cousin sister in solving some mathematics problems. Although i belong to medical field, i am good at maths too. Later i got busy with official work till dinner and than i went to see my grandmother and later came back and headed straightaway to my bed to sleep.



Indeed you did a great job by educating students regarding it.

Thank you.

Your posts are always very interesting and informative!

I noticed in an earlier post that you mentioned providing vitamin A shots to your patients, and now you are mentioning vitamin A deficiency again. This is very sad.

Food insecurity is a terrible problem all over the world, and it seems to be a difficult problem to solve.

The difficulty with vitamin A is that it is readily available in vegetables, but also requires enough fat to be processed within the body. So access to the right vegetables does not always help.

Some places, especially Latin America, have had good success with providing goats to vulnerable families. Goat milk is vitamin A rich and the goats eat grasses and other plants that humans do not eat.

I noticed in an earlier post that you mentioned providing vitamin A shots to your patients, and now you are mentioning vitamin A deficiency again. This is very sad.

Vit A is provided to kids as part of national immunization program. But in developing countries like india, we are at 94th rank among 107 countries in Global Hunger Index, which falls in severe category. So we are yet miles apart to be able to cope up with malnutrition related issues.

Thank you.

Yes, it is a difficult and unfair struggle. In my country, we have surplus food, but even still there are people that go hungry.

You are awesome man 100 % ;)

Thank you.

Blindness is a gigantic problem in developing countries

It certainly is. Because when a country has more people with this. How can that progress. We have seen many people who were unable to see still they do much for country. And imagine what if they could see.

Here i am educating kids on blindess

It is certainly a great gesture from your side. Awaring children.

Nice diary as usual from your side.

Thank you vey much.

You are doing a fabulous job. Society needs a few more people like you. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much. Everyone is equally important in society and everyone has something to contribute. We should all try to contribute in whatever we can.

You are doing a good job. Thanks for sharing.

Great Respect for you Doctor Saab.

You are working vary well , hope i will meet you some day

Thank you. I am having friends from south Kashmir too. Hope we will meet someday.

Thank you.


You do a good job .Your work is also good.