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RE: Winners announcement - Gadget Reviews contest by @bestofindia on Steemit | Reply to questions and win extra STEEM.

in Best of India5 months ago

Thank you and congratulations to fellow winners.

  • Please tell us few things which you didn't like about this contest.

Although i participated thrice but one thing which i didn't like was mention at least 2 online sites. There is world offline still exisitng. Out of 3 gadgets that i entered into contest with, i only had bought one gadget online . I can understand that it could have provided other people opportunity too to buy. However, one site was enough.

  • What rules you would like to change?
    Site change to one , otherwise it is perfect. I think removing proof of ownership can increase participants because it will be like Stremhunt , but you can stick to it for the sake of originally.

  • What was the reason that you couldn't participate in this contest?

I participated thrice than i checked participants, i found them very less. I thought i w8ll get one position at least and the prizes are same. It doesn't matter whether i get first position or last. To sum up, let us rationalise the rewards.

  • Was the contest price/reward too low?

Not really. Here scores of people are participating for 5 steem contest by seemingcurators community. So 11> 5 . Should have double the participants. But one thing that i find seriously lacking in BOI community was active efforts by our community managers (pardon me for being rude, if at all i am) .
Why i feel so is that i am here much optimistic about BOI community but community effors are feeble and dismal. When i look at other communities like steemalive that i joints few days ago, we stand no where ( i use we for BOI because i am from india too). Lot of things still missing.

Thank you.

#twopercent #india

 5 months ago 

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate that.

We will change few rules in Gadget reviews 2nd contest and will put more effort to improve the activity in BOI community. We are new, learning and will try our level best to improve in the areas where we are lacking.

Thank you.

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