The diary game: 31/12/2020: A memorable day added to life.

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One among memorable days of my life.

What a wonderful day it was. Today was a retirement day of one of our employees . I was on night duty, finished night duty at one place and than came to attend day duty at other place. Continued half day and than we headed towards venue where we had organised a party for our employee.

Me along with my team

We headed towards venue by 1:30 pm, party started by 2:00 pm.

IMG_20201231_180521.jpg In party having lunch

Later we gathered in room where we gave gitts and also delivered speeches to praise and remember his role as pharmacist.

IMG_20201231_200008.jpg Giving gifts to employee

Later we headed towards his home so as to drop him home. Few of our employees also made speeches there too.

At employees home

At his home, they had made an arrangement for us. We first took dry fruits and sweet spicy tea. Later, they also served pastry cake with tea. And than we left after seeking permission and headed towards our homes.

Yes that is worth remembering. It is part and parcel of life. Everyone who joined has to retire.
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