Why was India called Sone Ki Chidiya (Golden Bird)

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You all might have heard that India was been referred to as Sone ki Chidiya i.e Golden Bird during the british rule.

But do you know the reason behind this or do you really know from when has been India referred to as Sone ki Chidiya...?

Let me tell you about the same. India not during the british rule but since 3000 BCE to around 10th century was known as Sone Ki Chidiya.



Maybe we can say that the Ancient India was beng referred to as Sone ki Chidiya.
This was the time when India saw some great dynasties like The Gupta Dynasty , The Maurya Dynasties and the Mughal Dynasties etc.
Many great Rulers like Chandra Gupt Maurya , Jalaluddin Akbar , Prithvi Raj Chauhan and Hazrat Aurangrez R.A and many more kings were the reason why India was in such a good position.

There can be a long list of things due to which India was Sone Ki Chidiya but the real reason or you can say that the major reason was that the economy of India was so good at those times.

Do you know that during the time of Hazrat Aurangzeb R.A , he (Aurangreb R.A) the king does not use to have a lot of money for himself.

He created resources for his people , not only he many kings took care of the people of their kingdom.

Angricultural and Industies were given equal importace.
common people could easily trade and earn their livelihood.

All these things were given importance and the rulers were really taking care of the people.

India After gaining Independence were broken economically and on top of top division took place.
The socio-economic system that once used to be established in India gone missing.

The barter System was gone and currencies took the major role of exchanges of good and services.

Do you know in 600 BC during the time of MAHAJANPADAS the silver coins and India was one of the first countries to eliminate the Barter System at that time as well.

But it was not for the greed but for the good.

What we see today is not at all same as the 600BC or even what it used to be before British came to India.

Rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorers. I won't take names but we all know who all are responsible for the current economy of India.

It is not even considerable at the moment.
Maybe if we have good leaders in India who will think of the people then we might again achieve that title of Sone ki Chidiya.

But for now even if our economic condition is recovered i will be more than happy.

So that's all about my post today. I hope it was informative to all of you.

Thank you


A nice one my friend.

Thank you for sharing such knowledge with us. And I am proud that I was born in a country like India.

Thank You

I like your poat .sach a proud to be an indian.
Have a nice day.stay safe
Thank you ☺️

Nice post keep it up.

Great..keep it up

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