How to add Image caption and youtube video in the Steemit blog post using new post Editor.

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A quick tutorial on how to add Image caption and youtube video in the Steemit blog post using new blog post Editor.

How to add Image caption

Paneer Chilly & Hakka Noodle

I had added the old markdown for the image caption and It did work in that new Editor.

Next Heading Goes here

Sample paragraph goes here.

Youtube Video

Source: MUSIC FOR STEEM video of @isha.ish

I added the above video for the testing purpose using the youtube hyperlink in new post Editor, and it did work. Though, It was not showing the preview in that new Editor. I think Steemit team is fixing it and now rolled back to previous post Editor so we are good now.

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Thank you for sharing this with us.

Adding captions is the same as before bhai. We can just use the HTML stage to achieve this. In the live view, the HTML tags appear as plain text. However, on posting, the actual property is applied. So, if we add text-justify and post, the article will end up having the justified text.

Yes, you are right. same caption markdown is working.

But now, I think the Steemit team has rolled back the Editor. Now, Old Editor is coming so everything is good and again back to normal.

Yup. They had announced it earlier today. Till the bugs aren't fixed, they would be reverting back to the classic editor.

Nice diary from your side.

Thank you for the new information. This can help me.

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