How to use new editor and apply markdown/styling on your blog content on Steemit?

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Through this post, I would like to explain the frequently used features of the new Editor recently upgraded by Steemit team for the blog post.

Here is the screenshot of the new blog post Editor.


Half Editor with Preview (Split View)

Editor half.png

Full Width Editor

Editor full.png






Ordered List/ Number List

Step 1
OL 1.png

Step 2
OL 2.png

Step 3
OL 3.png

Add Hyperlink/ Website link

normal link.png

Add Hyperlink between the content

normal link text eg.png

Image Upload

You can select single or multiple Images in one shot while selecting from your mobile/laptop/desktop.

Img upload.png

Adding Steemit Post Link

steemit link 1.png

steemit link 2.png

Table - Rows and Columns

Below are the steps to create a table with required rows and columns. If you want to create a table structure with 10 rows, you need to enter "11" in the rows input field because the 1st row is reserved by the table Header section.

Step 1
tbl step 1.png

Step 2
tbl step 2.png

Step 3
tbl step 3.png

Step 4
tbl step 4.png

Full Width Preview of Blog (Before posting)

Step 1

Step 2

I think It's a great upgrade by Steemit Engineering team. It will help new users to easily learn and apply style in their blog post.

Note: There are small bugs in this new Editor E.g.

  • Steemit link preview issue but it works properly after posting it.
  • Editor always scrolls to top after uploading Images.

Thank you!




Looks ok with the desktop. We can't use efficient on mobile :(

Yes me too. With phone I couldn't use backspace properly. And couldn't do many other things like how to use captions.
Did you face the same problem??

Yes bro the word pasting itself repeatedly while I try to delete it. 🙄

I think now previous post editor has started coming and the new Editor has been removed just a few minutes before. so for now, we all can start using the old Editor.

Yes. I saw it now. I was literally struggling with the new editor. Now I saw that previous one is restored.

Thank you.

This is a great guide. Especially, for the new users who are not formatting their articles correctly at the moment. Agreed there are a few bugs that I'm sure the steemit team is working on fixing.

Regarding the issue with the mobile version of the site, it's close to being unusable at this time. I received a lot of comments from people complaining about the mobile version issue. So, I decided to try it out for myself once.

The biggest problem is that even if you write the article in google docs and copy-paste it here, and then try to edit a word or 2 using the new editor, the word that you try to edit would probably get duplicated and the same happens on every single delete that you do in the mobile browser. I am trying to do some research on this using my own phone to see if there is a work-around for the time being at least.

So far the only option that I have figured out is to post the article and then going back to edit the post. Since the old editor is still available with the click of the edit button, mobile users can use it till the official fix is rolled out.

This post is really helpful as I am a new steemian. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Thank you for this great guide. Resteemed.

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Thank you.

@neerajkr03. Sir can you please pin this post so that many other and I can see this after some time too. 🙏

That is much needed as it has been very troublesome for these days to create any post.

Thanks alot, I was facing many difficulties yesterday so this can be more helpful for me,
Thank you for sharing this.

Thanks making Article for understanding new Editor.

But for Mobile Users it not so easy to write post on using new Editor.

Because Mobile Screen is very small,not possible to write using this ,Getting lot of issues on writing this new Editor.

Hope soon Team Think about it.

This will make life a whole lot easier for Steemians.

Thank you, the new knowledge for us, hopefully it will be of many benefits

Thank you for this article. It definitely helped me understand the new concept better.

this is helpful for newbies like me

Thanks @neerajkr03 for this detailed explanations.
Blog with style
Steem on

And for now the editor is gone.
Anyway you got a resteem.

Yeah, Steemit team is working on it and fixing the bugs. So they have rolled back to previous editor.

Thank you!

Thank you so much brother for sharing this helpful information am,I was really confused for a while but now it's fine .