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Through this post, I would like to explain important/frequently used markdown skills which includes content and paragraph formatting, Image, captions, locations, and other details that we could add to make our post more valuable.

Please use the below keywords in the Steemit Post editor to apply the markdowns.



H1 Heading

H2 Heading

H3 Heading

H4 Heading

H5 Heading

Italic & Bold:


This is a sample text

This is a sample text

This is a sample text


text-justify (Text alignment):

Paragraph content is not aligned properly on the right side.



Paragraph content is aligned properly on the right side.


Bullet Points (unordered-list items):


  • First Point
  • Second Point
  • Third Point
  • Nth Point

Numbered List Items:


  1. First Point
  2. Second Point
  3. Third Point
  4. Fourth Point
  5. Fifth Point

Image Caption:



Shot at Truffles | Cost: 240 INR (appx. USD 3.28) | Location: Google Plus Code WJM7+FM Bengaluru, Karnataka

How To Cite The Image Source:




Content Line Break/ Paragraph Break:


When we are writing a blog, It is suggested to split the content after 4-5 or maybe after 7-8 lines depending on the type of content explanation or details to make it more readable and clear.

Citation of the source is really important as plagiarism is not supported on Steem. It is suggested to use images from copyright-free sources like and do a proper citation of the sources of images that are used from the internet or other websites.

Thank you!


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Excellent, this basic guide will help a lot to the naive users/bloggers in our community.

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We will share more similar tutorial posts in future to help our newcomer friends.

Although i knew most but still i learned few.
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Helpful post ,,thanks @neerajkr03

I hope it’s easy to use. Please let me know if you face any issue while using it.

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I hope this is helpful.

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Hello @neerajkr03
Actually , I want to ask that how can I put blue line in my blog. I am providing an image of that line.


You can create a blue line in MS Paint (windows tool) and add as an Image in the post.



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Thanks for posting this. This will really help me in my post.. thanks...

Nice post, even I was also thinking for the last few days to make a post on the markdown and introduce a new tool that will help Steemit active posters to make a good post. Will do that.

Thank you.

Yeah, that will be certainly helpful for new users if you share the tool details.

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Good work This post will help a lot in creating new posts for new users.

Thank you very much for creating this post.

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Thank you, you told us the entire content, how the details of the post and how we can post the step by step and when we are writing a blog, you gave us complete information about the content explanation or details in it.

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Thnks sir this post helping me to improve thank you so much

Thank you so much, I think this will help me the most because I need that types of tips.
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I am glad that it's useful.

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