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RE: Winners announcement - Gadget Reviews contest by @bestofindia on Steemit | Reply to questions and win extra STEEM.

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Congratulations to alll winners and kudos to their writing skill and their skill to describe products.

I have done this gadget review post and i didn't find any difficulty to do it.

The rules for this post were not much hard. Actually those were not the rules. As per my thinking, @bestofindia was just trying to make people understand how a good post is made.

  1. If any one writes a review of less than 250 words, how he is supposed to compress all the pros and cons in a single post.

Now a days gadgets are full of technology which you can't cover in less than 250 words

  1. If one compares more than 3 products in a single post, then a common person cannot understand. He will first try to remember name. Which is not familiar.

  2. To make it compulsory to add minimum two websites to buy that product was a rule that was needed. Now a days there are so many e-commerce websites and those websites has their own offers and payment method..
    So one can easily find out their suitable website to but it from

So there are some rules which were essential and it couldn't be separated from this contest.

Thank you @bestofindia @sapwood @neerajkr03 @rishabh99946.

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 6 months ago (edited)

Then reasons why people didn't take part in this contest might be one of the following:-

  1. The might have less engaged to the most of the people..
    As we don't know on steem how many people have seen this post so this might be an cause of it.

The possible solution of this might be to make it compulsory to be resteemed by every participant.
This will make it more engaged if it was less engaged

  1. At the time this contest was organised, deepawali was approaching. So in india there are many people who prefer to buy anything on dhanteras as they find it very good symbol..

So if this contest was organised at this time, it might have more users with new products.

So according to me, the timing of this contest could have improved
So these might be possible reasons why more people didn't take part in this contest.

I might be wrong but it is all i could think about
@bestofindia @rishabh99946 @neerajkr03 @sapwood

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 6 months ago 

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate that.