Better Life with Steem | The diary game 7nd june| Eat, Steem, sleep and repeat.

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Today in the morning i woke up early at around 8AM, i did some house chores then I had my shower after a while my friend came at my home. As its Monday today he was going to visit the lord mahadev temple. We usually go there together on Monday.


We went to the temple, well it was quite there but too good weather there because of many trees, after offering prayers we stayed there for a longer duration. Peace to our minds.


We returned back home, these days I'm only craving for rain because the temperature in the afternoon time here goes around 37°C which is really hard to tolerate.


Later I had my lunch, then I opened steemit and checked all the notifications, later I continued to watch a series named "Riverdale" On Netflix, it's murder mystery web series if anyone's interested in watching go for it.


In the evening time I went out with my friends for evening walk, to be honest it was just too hot even in the evening around 7PM today I returned home early then I had shower again later I had dinner with my family and that was all for my day.


Very nice pictures added by you.
Keep posting.
Stay safe.

@rishabh99946 Beautiful tample. Always stay happy with your friends.😊 Thanks for sharing your day 🙏.

Mondays for Lord Mahadeva 😊🙏. Same ritual here. #affable

Yes, the humid summer season is going on in northern India right now. I am also facing the same problem right now. I hope monsoon will come soon and give us relief from this heat.

Very beautiful photo of shiv linga.
Har Har Mahadev..

#affable #india

It's a big Shivling. It's good to spend more time in temple as it's completely different feeling and so much peace in around atmosphere.
Har har Mahadev

True that.

@rishabh99946 food looks delicious 😜. thank you sharing your day. Stay safe. 🙏

The Shivling reminds me of my visit to the Babulnath temple daily in Mumbai city. Thank you for sharing

Thank you @rishabh99946 for sharing your day with us

The very beautiful temple of Shiv linga. Om Namo Shivaya.

Temple pic is very amazing

Friends forever

#india #affable

Friends are best partners in life.