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in Best of India2 months ago (edited)

Plenty of events are happening on Steem blockchain these days which has never happened before here.

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But I have seen that many contests are unable to reach many users which is why very few people seem to be participating in the contests

Here's a list of on going contests - - -



If anyone of you know any other on going contests which is either open for everyone or exclusively for indian steemians then please let me know in the comments section below, I'll update in post... And please resteem this publication so that it reach a wider audience.

Thank you for your suggestion @cryptokannon

To the attention of @steemcurator01, @steemitblog, @stephenkendal and @shortsegments to help reach it a wider audience


You did very well brother, you collected all contests in one. Maybe this post can be continued.

It's a great idea to keep it updated every week, thank you.

Wowww you have done great work by maintaining the list of all contests in one post Such a great ork and thanku so much for mentioning my contest here as well i hope many families would get their bondings stronger with the contest ...

#onepercent #pakistan

Thank you for organizing :)

Hey thankyou for mentioning.
A good day and good regards from Pakistan to all the Indian fellow steemians :)
We respect you all :)
I Invite you to take part in my contest as well and we make some good interactions with each other :)

Will definitely check it out buddy, thank you for organizing. Have a good day ahead.

You too have good days ahead my friend :)

Excellent, thank you for compiling this list @rishabh99946 - most useful.

Maybe if the number of contests grows the list could be divided by type - writing, photography etc

The Steemit Team

Sure sir, I'm looking forward to divide them different categories they belong to. Also I'm thinking to keep this list updated every week with new list of on going contests, but it would be great if this could be published on @steemitblog page every week so it reaches a wider audience as people seem to be really interesting in hearing latest announcements from @steemitblog page. Thank you @steemcurator01

I think steemit team can pin this weekly update compilation post to the trending page as they did with musicforsteem post.

Great idea

Thank you very much for the support! Super grateful! 🔺✨

Muchas gracias por la mención del concurso "Casa Radical", sé que vamos por más...

Thank you for organizing brother.

Thanks a lot for sharing here @rishabh99946!!

hi @rishabh99946 thanks for sharing the complete contest information, but it looks like you forgot to mention "The Diary Game" hosted by @steemitblog


Here is to another contest

You can update in the list @rishabh99946
It is also open for everyone to participate :)
Glad to see your hard work ❤😍

Sure thank you for reminder, now updated.

Successfully updated, thank you for highlight

Hello. my friend @rishabh99946! Take a look at this one belongs to @italygame in the Italy Community.

Please let me know if you need some help!!

And congrats!! This is a great helpful list

Now updated, thank you

You are welcome, my friend!

Hi @steemcurator01 I have updated more contest in the list now there are 25+ contest that are open for everyone but unable to reach a wider audience, it would be great if this post could be publish through @steemitblog then it will reach a wider audience as people pay attention towards @steemitblog page for more announcements than any other page.
Thank you.

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Thank you, will update in the recent post.

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