Powered up more Steem 2000 steem power up in 1 week

in Best of India3 months ago

Just a few days back I powered up 1400 Steem, today I just powered more the spare steem I had in my wallet, you can find previous power up post here

Mostly converted by selling SBD into steem internal market.


After power up, I simply delegated all The SP to our community account @bestofindia


From now on whenever I get the chance Ill be powering up more and more by buying steem from the open market.


Thanks for your dedicated decision of delegated all the sps to our community account.I congratulate this wonderful work done by you 👍 keep sharing.

Great job done by you @rishabh99946

Thank you for sharing this. You are doing a great job.

Nice diary from your side. Keep posting.

That's a nice move brother. Something for newbies like me to learn and execute. Country Leader leading from the front. 😊 #affable