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Hello steemians, how are you all? I really hope that you all are doing really Great here! Welcome to my another diary entry so let's get started and talk about my today's activities #Day 3

Once again today in the morning i woke up at 4:15AM when my alarm rang, I woke up turn off the alarm and freshen up and they i got call from my friend and he said to meet at our planned location within next 10 mintues.

Today I forgot to bring my phone, so I had to capture some shots for diary by one of my friend's device, Plus Code (3M7C+MW Umari, Uttar Pradesh)

We all got there A total of 5 friends including me, then we started walking and then after sometime we started running and then as shown in my previous post we kept running on the same track and then I returned home by 6:10AM

After coming back home, I rest for sometime Because I was all wet because of sweating and then I went to have shower.

Later i talk my with my cousin sister @nidhu and decided to meet today at her home. Now I was all excited to meet her.

Then i opened steemit and wrote my diary for previous day, and checked some posts and made some comments on other posts and replied to some comments that I received on my diary entries and other posts.

Then i was feeling really hungry so now it was time to have some food.

Poori And Sabzi(Dish made of potatoes)

After this i went to take a short nap.. And then in the afternoon time I headed towards my cousin home..

While on the way heading towards my cousin home, main Street - Plus Code (3M7P+37 Sirsaganj, Uttar Pradesh)

Within 5 mintues I got there, but I noticed that @somyasingh were already there having gossips with her friend i also noticed that @arjuskrwr wasn't home too she was out to buy some stuff with one of her relative.

@nidhu was cooking something, but let me tell you something She's bad cook 😂Just kidding don't get offended. 😂

Then after sometime @arjuskrwr returned home.

She prepared Spring rolls for all of us, she learnt that recipe from youtube.

Then we all had so many conversations and we all really enjoyed♥️

In the evening time @arjuskrwr and his brother went out to buy pizza from the pizza hub, actually it was my idea although we(me and @somyasingh) contributed money 😅

JvFFVmatwWHRfvmtd53nmEJ94xpKydwmbSC5H5svBACH7ymcHUZmkw4hhdK9gpD2vfo4WWVQknJuA3fU6nETQoQDoknC8ysSDsMPcria6iGaELaYvyxEeA7DTjKEbVv23ZBWSvhMKL (1).jpeg
They brought a medium size pizza for 280INR(3.81USD)from the pizza hub Plus Code of the shop (3M2W+MH Sirsaganj, Uttar Pradesh)

Then again we had so many conversations and we didn't realize when it got Dark and then at around 8Pm I returned my home so technically I spent my entire time there and didn't even realize.

After coming back home, I rest for sometime and then went to have shower, I refused to have dinner because I had already ate so much I wasn't feeling any hunger.

Then i opened steemit and I had so many notifications so I checked them all it took sometime and then I started to feel really sleepy because I didn't sleep in the evening and I had woke up so early to i went to sleep quite early..


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You wake up early morning and doing jogging thats really good habit,it keep your body into fit,keep maintain it.

Poori with sabji is amazing combination,hope you enjoy it.

That spring rolls looking so delicious,learning new recipes from you tube in this free time is good thing.

Your pizza 🍕 giving me very tempting to eat lol..

Nice post from you,through out the day today you get good yummy dishes to taste..

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

#onepercent #india #affable

Yes my friend i have started to wake up early these days but credit for this goes to @sapwood

Poori with sabzi is a decent combination of food.

I think there are very less people who don't like pizza haha..

Thank you for visiting. Have a great day ahead.

#onepercent #India #affable

Yes @sapwood is nice person working hard for upcoming exams and managing all individually,he is inspiration me also.

Yes i agree there no pizza haters my friend.

#onepercent #india #affable

Thank you.

Always welcome


 last month (edited)

I had woke up so early to i went to sleep quite early..

That's what you need to do, and that's what I would remind you every day until your habitual minds start taking cues to wake up early and respond automatically, and then it will become a permanent habit.

The food menu that you have shared here has wonderful clarity, credit goes to the camera that you used to take these shots.

Have a great day.

Steem on.

#onepercent #india #affable #reply2win

Thank you so much brother!!

Morning races always keep you fit. Enjoy pizza with friends.

#onepercent #India #affable

True my friend.

Very nice diary game from your side
Its good to see that you ran daily and also running is very good for health.
I also felt very hungry after doing workout.
So, this pizza is from Domino's or pizza hut?
Have a great day
#onepercent #india #affable

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