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Hello everyone since last 12 hours I have noticed that post button for communities is not working at the moment.

Post button isn't working

but there's a way to post into Any community you want.. Lets see how.

Step #1

  • Just go to your profile And click create new post, and sometime your post goes directly to your blog as shown in the picture below.



Step #2

  • Now suppose i want to publish that post into "Best of India community"



Step #3

  • next just click on the Page URL for the community you want to post into. Open URL and copy it to clipboard.



Step #4

  • Now come back to your Page where you were Creating new post shown in the Step1



Step #5

  • Now click on the URL of your Current page you will see as "Steemit.com/submit.html"

Change the URL from

Old - " Steemit.com/submit.html"

NEW - "Steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-196725"

Note - You just have to change the URL according to your Community name just like Best of community is registered as "hive-196725"


Step #6

  • After successfully changing the URL push the Right button let the page refresh and you page will be changed from blog to the selected community.



In Case you are facing issues.. I'm posting some direct links to some communities to help you guys -

Best of India - https://steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-196725

World of XPILAR - https://steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-185836

Newcomer's community - https://steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-172186

Steem foods - https://steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-148497

GEMS - https://steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-148441

PROJECT HOPE - https://steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-175254

Steemingcurators - https://steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-139293

Writing and reviews - https://steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-111825

Steem Sri Lanka - https://steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-133716

Stars of steem - https://steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-151446

World of football - https://steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-130734

Music for steem - https://steemit.com/submit.html?category=hive-137433

Please feel free to ask anything... Join in the comment section.. I'll help you in the best possible way. Thank you., resteem will be appreciated!


Cc - @steemcurator01

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Hi @steemcurator01 sorry to trouble you by mentioning here, recently there has been a problem after trx integration the "Post" button in communities isn't working. People are facing trouble while posting although I have created a short cut post to sort this out temporarily but it would be great if it could be forwarded to engineering team so that it can be fixed.
Thank you.
Cc - @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemitblog

Thank you for this post - very useful.

Have passed the issue on to the engineering team.

Thank you so much, @steemcurator01 hope it get fixed soon. Thank you for all the support.

A very technical post is this.

According to the screen capture, it seems the issue with while creating a post from mobile.

Good research and find this alternative way for time being.

#india #affable

You aren't facing this issue on your computer @stream4u?


On the computer, it's working smoothly, at least no issue at my end.

Oh ok brother thank you for clarification.

 3 months ago 

Hmm. smart boy😍😍 Yes you are. Thank you Rishabh. Why I didn't tried it😒

Because you aren't smart enough like me 😂

 3 months ago 


Thanku bro for your post i am also face this problem from morning and i do not understand this so from your post now i post my dairy game ☺.

Thanks much for the info.

Thank you so much friend.... ❤️ Good help for all steamians 💪👌

This knowledge is very useful because there are so many who ask me and they want a solution for this, from my country Indonesia there is also a disturbance ... my permission to translate this post into my language is Indonesian. because so many are asking about this


Surely you can translate it. Go ahead.. Hope it helps.

I thought perhaps this problem is only with my account. Now i realized that it is with all. Thank you very much for posting direct links.

Thank you @rishabh99946, you solved a great problem of mine. I thought that there is problem in my account, so i tried to login and log out, tried to post in every community but it was all waste. Now i got it that its a problem with whole steem network 😅.

Glad this could help you out. Although the problem will be fixed anytime soon,till then you can use these direct links to post.
Thank you.

Thats great , and very useful tutorial , including links of communities :)
Thanks @rishabh99946,

As all steemians currently facing problem to post in communities , it will help users to post in communities easily.

Seems this issue only happened on mobile device, right?

Hi @benson224 thank you for asking. My friend @stream4u confirmed that issue isn't happening on computer so this is only happening on mobile devices. Hope it helps.
Thank you.

Wow good post from you. Very useful. After TRX integration we get this issue. Hope soon it resolve.

Thanks for amazing post.

I have no problem posting into the community using my laptop but this issue is for mobile phone users. Great that you found a fix for this. Good job!

Thank you!!

Hola muchísimas gracias por este post, realmente cuando grabe mi video de la week 25 para musicforsteem estaba emocionada porque me inspiré mucho en el tema, al cabo de unas horas ya me estaba sintiendo muy triste porque intentaba publicar y nada, me acosté de madrugada intentando y nada, total que dormí con esperanzas de que esto se pudiera arreglar porque hasta le doy click a liquidar recompensas y tampoco funciona. Me volví loca abriendo la cuenta #Tron, hasta descargue la aplicación #tronlink pero nada. Tuve que abrir una pestaña incógnita a la red para poder publicar en la comunidad de #musiforsteem. Y por fin pude publicar mi música. Me sentí feliz, toda la tensión que tenía se fue bien lejos. Sin embargo me preocupa lo de poder liquidar las recompensas ya que me he ayudado bastante con esta moneda por eso estoy muy agradecida de steemit. Gracias una vez más @rishabh99946

Hello, thank you very much for this post, really when I recorded my video of week 25 for musicforsteem I was excited because I was inspired by the subject a lot, after a few hours I was feeling very sad because I was trying to publish and nothing, I went to bed at dawn trying and nothing, total that I slept with hopes that this can be fixed because I even click to settle rewards and it does not work either. I went crazy opening the #Tron account, I even downloaded the #tronlink application but nothing. I had to open an incognito tab to the network to be able to publish in the #musiforsteem community. And finally I was able to publish my music. I felt happy, all the tension I had went very far. However, I am concerned about being able to liquidate the rewards since I have helped myself a lot with this coin, that is why I am very grateful to steemit. Thanks once again @ rishabh99946

I'm glad you found solution and finally posted. Good luck friend.
Steem on.

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Hey @rishabh99946

Thanks for advising us on how to solve the problem. I submitted a post a few days ago but I didn't get any error, I think it's fixed now.


Gracias amigo @rishabh99946
Tu publicacion me vino como anillo al deo,Justamente tengo ese problema y aqui me hs dejado amablemente la soluciony ademas el link ¡¡


Muy gentil de tu parte
Gracias ¡¡

Estupenda explicación, gracias una vez más por tan completa información @rishabh99946

Great explanation, thanks once again for such complete information @ rishabh99946

@rishabh99946: thank you for your sharing. It is very useful. I hope this error will be fix soon.

@rishabh99946: now "post" button has worked in communites on the mobile phone. The error was fixed. It is a good news. Thank you so much for working efforts of Engineer team.