Warning | Secure your account | Remove Dapps access | Change recovery account

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I'm here to warn everyone, there been some fraud cases in the community to the users where innocent lost their SBD/Steem for nothing.

This guy been stealing Steem/SBD by stealing their keys.

You should also pay attention if you have given access to Dapps.

Things you need to check from steemworld.org/@username

  • Recovery account
  • Given authorities

You can use the tool by @steemchiller steemworld.org/@username to check the authorities given to Dapps from your account.

Revoke access


  • At first open steemworld.org/@username go to "Account details" Tab.

PS also check your "Recovery account" Set it to someone you trust so that you make recovery in case your keys are compromised

  • now go to the tab "Authorities".


  • Go to the tab "Edit account authorities" From there you will be able to remove the access.


  • Click on sign to see your given authorities

As you can see I have given access to steemauto app by posting key, so it only have access that a posting key allows means it can't have access to my wallet activities.

  • After successful log in, you will be able to see all the authorities you have given for every key, Posting, active, Owner and memo key.

So you must remove any additional Dapps that you have given but you aren't aware of that app to keep your account safely.

For further help you can always DM me on discord I will help you out personally.

Cc - @steemcurator01


Hey, thanks for sharing bro, I mean it.

Rare info, thanks

It's critical information. Thank you @rishabh99946 for sharing this information with us.

Thank you so much for giving information @rishabh99946


Thank you very much that you gave all this important information to us.
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Thanks for sharing this informative post..

I do not have much knowledge about all these things , so I am scaring. @rishabh99946

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This is very good information. With this, you can prevent the theft of your account. I am very grateful to you. Similarly, continue to help us even further. @rishabh99946

But can also be removed directly in your account. It is very easy.

This allows you to come out. And can also check.


Good information. If possible creste a video regarding it pls.

On seeing screen shots ,new users not possible to understand clearly. If possible make a video regarfing it.

Should we change recovery account, if it is even steemit, As of now, i have steemit as recovery account.

Should we revole access to steemauto also?


Thanks for important information

Ohh this kind of the things can be happened with us....thanks to warn us before we loose our steem/SBD.

Thank you for sharing this information with us.

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That's some good info.

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Thanks @rishabh9946 for this information

Thank you for sharing this with us.

wow, this blog is such an eye-opener about safety. Have this kind of things happened to you as well?

very useful information.