Strive toward Self Inspiration and Focus on Solutions, not on Problems.

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Dear friends, 😊

While working in several companies, I experience that we should work for self-satisfaction and not indent others.
When we persevere to satisfy others chiefly, we lose our focus on our intent.

I did jobs where I had a target that I need to reach every month. After joining, I always think about how it could be possible for me to meet the target and what my boss will say if I couldn't reach my target.

And the result of the first month was zero. I couldn't do a single number.

Because the entire month I was thinking about my boss's feelings and the problems only.
Starting next month, I start thinking about the reason for my failure.


At this stage, let me share with you when I was transferring from one process to another;
I was rejected by the client in the telephonic round for the certification.

And then, in re-certification, I was selected again for the job I am talking about now.

Back to the topic from the next month, I found that thinking of others; distracting me from my goal.

And I am not focusing on my work, preferably focusing on others.

From that month onwards, I was the topper in the entire process, and I worked only 9months as an executive. After that, I was promoted to Team Leader.

That experience taught me that we need to work for self-satisfaction, not to impress others.
Even now also we are good friends.

And we have a WhatsApp group where they remind me of how passionately I was doing my job.


The client who rejected me on the certification, I received an appreciation certificate from her hand.

That time I reminded her that she rebuffed me on certification; she smiled and shake-hand with me. And she taught me another lesson of life; at the end of the day, we all are human beings.

So, mistakes are a common occurrence for us.
Today I am sharing a few certificates which I achieved during my service carrier.
That's all for today friends, Stay Blessed and happy.



Well said, sister. Need to work for self-satisfaction not for the other impression ;)

Thank you @erode

What if the ta4get given is taken as a goal and one starts working hard to achieve a goal. It should not be taken in a way to impress others but as a reminder. What in that context?

Working hard is a Nobel practice but before starting hard work we need to set our goal so that we can focus in on the particular thing. If anyone give their best one day definitely they will be highlighted. 🙏😊

You get the appreciation from the same client that is the best thing happened with you.

Actually the certificates are from several organisations with whom I worked. Thank you.

What was the client who rejected you. It is very nice to get appreciation from that.
You got the result of your hard work.

Thank You

Yes you are right. At that moment I was upset when she rejected me but I didn't give up. That's life, we should always continue our journey, ups and downs are part of our life. Thanks

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Thank you for sharing your diary with us
Have a nice day.stay safe
Thank you 😊

I am not at all upset, please read my post carefully

You are building your own reputation. Great that you shared your experience.

Thank you @booming02 for your kind support 😊♥️🙏

Nice post from your side.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Welcome 😊