Betterlife on Steem | The Diary Game | 27/05/2021 - A Day With NodeJs

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Hey guys. After two days of rain, it feels like summer once again. I hope the areas affected by the cyclone soon get back to normal. On that, let's get into my daily activities.


In the morning, I was woken up at 5:50 AM today. Yes! That is way too early. However, Cooper wanted to go out on an early walk today. Since I had worked hard to get him on a schedule, I decided to complete some work before I take him out on a walk. So, I spent nearly an hour, reading numerous articles here on Steemit.

At 7 AM, I decided to take him out on his walk. Today, none of the stray friends came to greet us. So, our morning walk took a lot less time to complete. At around 8 AM I gave him his breakfast and completed all my morning chores.

In my current sprint at work, I have a lot fewer tasks at hand. So, I decided to build on a few skills today.

Today was a day that I spent on improving my skillset. I am a software developer who normally codes in C# or Java. However, I really wanted to get into javascript and nodejs. this is why I spent most of my day trying to pick up these new skillsets.

Learning nodejs on Frontend Master Platform
To learn NodeJs, I subscribed to Frontend Master's annual package today. I am currently halfway through the basic course, and I feel that the money I spent on this course was totally worth it.

IMG_20210414_103006 (1).jpg
Delicious Biriyani for Breakfast
At 10 Am I had my breakfast. Today I had biriyani for breakfast. Since it was a while since my mom cooked biriyani at home, she decided to cook today.

AT 11:45 AM, I attended my daily standup and then completed the last few bugs that were assigned to me in this sprint.


In the noon, I had the usual rice and sambhar for lunch. After this, I got back to learning node JS and trying it out on my laptop.

I was also involved in a few discussions with my teammates regarding the implementation of one of the upcoming features in our product. Such discussions with senior members of the team keep me motivated and engaged as they consider my ideas.

Evening and Night:

In the evening, I had a cupcake for snacks. This was the last cupcake at home. So, I'm a bit sad that all of them got over so soon.

After my snacks, I got back to learning more about nodejs.

This was me having fun with Cooper
At around 5:30 M, I had to give a bit of KT for the team to understand a feature that I had implemented. So, after this session, I logged out of my work laptop and went to have some fun time playing with Cooper. Apart from playing, I even clicked a few funny pictures of Cooper.

At 8 PM in the night, I gave him his dinner and also had mine. I then hit the bed because my brain was very exhausted from all the activities that I did today. I will be reading and curating all your articles in the morning.


It is nice to see that you woke up early and the reason is cooper. I also like programming language but it can't be possible' for me to learn.
Cooper is looking so cool in this photo. You described your diary very well.

#affable #india

I am currently halfway through the basic course, and I feel that the money I spent on this course was totally worth it.

Most of the time I don't feel like that bro. Lucky to see you spent your money on the worthful course :)
#affable #india

Haha Cooper looks so good 😂😂. Keep posting.

I also want to wake up early but my sleepy behavior can't make it possible. And as I'm a food loving spirit, so I can not remove my eyes from your biryani. Cooper looks great and pretty cool in this filter. I was also tried that to my dog(laloo) but he hate about taking pictures.😂. So, I never dare to do it again.
I love coding but I can not learn now because I prepare for my army exam.
You write your diary very well.
Thank you.😊
#affable #india

Cooper looks so good 😂 😃😂 😃