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RE: Bitcoin is booming: My Favorite Coin: Part #2 : SRM

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CEX's have a very stronghold in the current marketspace. However, DEX's are the way to go in the future.

In contrast, in DEX, the trade happens on-chain, because it happen on-chain the trade execution depends on block confirmation and it takes time, depending on the scaling capacity of a particular chain. However, the user enjoys absolute control of the asset.

One of the most common complaints that I hear from my friends who trade crypto is the trading fee. On DEX, we pay the miners fee to confirm a transaction. Since some of the most popular DEX are based on Ethereum, the fee on such DEX would be higher than the trading fee that one pays to a centralized exchange such as Binance.

With SRM DEX we won't have to deal with this problem due to the negligible miner fee.

As it pairs the traditional order book style exchange with the AMM model, we won't need to worry about liquidity either. This was the first time I am reading about Serum and from what I see, it sounds like an exciting project. Ticks all the right spots that I look out for in a crypto project. Definitely worth looking at!

Thank you.

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