Six groups of bees in the hive have their respective duties.


Hi steemit lovers ...
This time we will discuss a little about beehives, maybe we all already know that bees are the only type of insect that produces honey that is good for human health.

As we all know that honey bees are a type of social insect that is rich in benefits for humans, all that is produced by honey bees is known to have health benefits, namely honey. In the classification of the animal world, this type of insect or bee belongs to the Hymenoptera order, which means clear wings, and within this order there are 100,000 species of insects, which live in this world.



Did you know that in the beehives have their respective roles and duties, what are the duties of the bees in the hive are as follows:

-Queen bee.

-Beating male.

-Bee workers.

-Bee nurse.

-Bee search.

-Bee gathering.





That's a little discussion about the bees in my post this time, thank you for those of you who have visited and read my writings, keep the spirit live your day, stay safe, stay home, protect our families from the corona virus and have a nice day.

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