Power Up And Delegate 100 Sp To @steem.skillshare

in Steem Skillshare2 months ago


hello all community members @steem.skillshare

I'm a newcomer to this community, I have 110 steem power, that's the result I got in one month and I also did power up last month. I decided to delegate 100 of my steem powers to the @steem.skillshare community, even though this puh is just a little bit it can at least help this community grow.



In this one month doing Power Up all the results I get from this post I made I do so that my account grows.



Now I have successfully delegated 100 Steem Power for the steem skillshare community, I also hope that friends who have steem power let us delegate it to this community so that the community will be more advanced and develop in the future.

greetings from me @aldrich10

Thanks to :



Thank you so much!

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