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Hello Skillshare Steem Community Members.

I am @atim1234, I am a Graphic design teacher in this Community, I have joined this Community for three months ago, I am very happy to be here, Admin and other Moderators are also very friendly and accept me very well.

I even got new clients here, and also new friends from other countries, and that makes me proud and will continue to try to help this community continue to grow.

When I write this post alone, there are already 847 people who have joined this community and there are 140 active posters who continue to provide exclusive content in this community.


And seeing this opportunity, I want to offer a banner creation service for posts in this community, with a fee of only 2 STEEM for one banner, and this banner is in the form of a template that you can adjust to your post title, and you can edit or optimize the title text in the application. be safe.

This, is not required, but I offer this to every member in this Community, in order to have an interesting Post Banner.

Thank you, here are some details of banner creation services.

Service Name :Post Banner Design
Cost :2 Steem For One Banner Template
What you get :A Banner template that can be optimized for text according to your needs
Working Time :1 hour (If I'm online)
How to order :Contact me at the bottom of this post

I am waiting for your order.
Thank you
By @atim1234 (abenk37)

Best Regards To :

My social media

Instagram :
Facebook :
Twitter :
Email : [email protected]

steemskillshare Banner HQ.png

 3 months ago 

Wow, an excellent proposal, I love it!

Like all graphic designers, you have good ideas!


 3 months ago 

Thank you, @daytona475

do you not want to use my services? there is a special discount for you

#affable 🤗🤗

 3 months ago 

hahaha let's do the test, but see I'm very demanding hehehe

2 Steem is fine

 3 months ago 

okay, you're my first client,

Banner with Title What will I make?

 3 months ago (edited)

Give me the opportunity to think about what I will put on the banner and I will write to you again, because as it is unforeseen I have not thought of anything. Question: What information should I pass you?

 3 months ago 

The information you have to give me is : what are you going to post ? 😃😃

 3 months ago 

Hello again, can you make me a banner for the weekly reports?

 3 months ago 

Sure, this Banner is for the Curation account or for the posts you make?

 3 months ago 

I would like to buy one banner. Crochet thematic with my face. Please write to me on Instagram

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