Contest: Promote us on Instagram Steem Skillshare and Steem Infinity Zone

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Hello Steem Skillshare and Steem Infinity Zone!!

I am very happy to participate in this collaboration contest. I hope both Communities can reach big success on Steemit as both of them promote talented specialists and attract many professionals. @live.log
This Contest is really great as potentially we can bring a lot of people outside Steemit platform. I am an active Instagram blogger as well as YouTuber. On my social media account I teach people how to crochet. And I was happy to promote these wonderful communities.

My instagram post:


A cute reindeer is here. Am I too excited for Christmas? I jumped from Summer crochet into winter crochet. But if you watch my YouTube channel, you know that Christmas is really special period for me. I have an early Christmas gift for you, guys.
If you love blogging and earning from your posts. Then I am inviting you to join Steemit which us a mix of social media and cryptocurrency. If you are a crocheter like me then you can show your skills on Steem Skillshare or Steem InfinityZone. We can create a Community of crocheters and knitters there and even use Steem cryptocurrency to sell patterns. Join Steem Skillshare and Steem Infinity Zone and ask me any questions.
Thank you for this beautiful opportunity @steem.skillshare!!!
My instagram Account:


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