Crochet Christmas Reindeer. Step by step free pattern

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Hi Steemians!!
Christmas is coming soon. For crocheters and YouTubers is high time to start Christmas preparations. If you are crazy like me about Christmas decorations then let's start with this super cute reindeer. This pattern is easy to make and super nice as a gift or decor.



Make a magic ring

Row 1: Ch 1, 6 sc into magic ring <6>

Screenshot_20211008-202915_Photo Editor.jpg

Row 2: Inc around <12>

Row 3: Inc, sc; rep around <18>

Row 4: Inc, sc 2; rep around <24>

Row 5: Inc, sc 3; rep around <30>

Screenshot_20211008-203407_Photo Editor.jpg

Row 6- 11 ( 30 stitches)

Screenshot_20211008-203729_Photo Editor.jpg
Row 12: Dec, sc 2; <24>
Row 13: Dec, sc; <18>
Row 14: Dec <12>

Screenshot_20211008-205751_Photo Editor.jpg

Row 15: Inc, sc; rep around <18> Crochet into front loop
Place eyes and fill the head
Row 16: <18>
Row 17: Inc, sc 2; <24>
Row18-19 : <24>
Row 20: Dec, sc; rep around <18>
Row 21: Dec <12>
Fulfil the whole body decrease until 6 stitches and sew the body


Crochet legs with the same hook and start with magic ring 6 sc into magic ring and increase until 12 single crochet.



Crochet hands with the same hook and start with magic ring 6 sc into magic ring and increase until 9 single crochet.



Chain 3 and make 2 half double crochet
Screenshot_20211008-210846_Photo Editor.jpg


Crochet 6 and make 9 rows if 6 sc


For the small one make 5 rows of 6 sc


Crochet myzzle with 12 sc and make 2 more single crochet.


Sew the legs and hands. You can first pin them to see the right placement.

Sew the antlers and muzzle

The reindeer is almost ready just make red embroidery nose.


Thank you for your attention!! Please share with me your crochet items❤


This is simply amazing thanks for share with us!

 2 months ago 

It is very beautiful, I imagine a Christmas tree with that decoration. Thank you!

It is not possible to do such work without the help of artistic magic in your hands. Thank you very much for presenting the work in a beautiful way

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