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The public should be informed not to use plastic bags, but to use eco-friendly alternative bags made from fabric, natural fibres and paper to reduce the problems associated with plastic bag wastes.

Crochet net bags are trendy for several years because they are really handy, easy to wash, lightweight. They will require just 1ball of yarn and you will get something that will stay with you for years. It is a great product.
It is a one row pattern so it can be called beginner friendly. It works fast because in stead of stitches you work with chains.


Net bag usage:

  • daily groceries
  • home decor
  • hanger for dirty clothes
  • hanger for toys
  • hanger for fruit and vegetables
  • home accessories
  • beach bag

This is just a short list of all things you can put inside it. But believe me there are more things and rooms it can be easily used.


It's a perfect handmade gift that cost you little money but with the time and efforts. The value rise 10 times. You can gift it to anyone both men and women.

Crochet net bags are made of 100 % cotton so they are natural and durable. You can easily wash in the washing machine without being scared of ruining it.
Watch one of my recent tutorials.

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 2 months ago 

Tus publicaciones son de alta calidad y en esta ocasión ecológica para cuidar el ambiente!


wow, your youtube channel and your instagram have many followers, very good job! Your net bag is amazing. I hope some of your followers could join you here

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