Crochet Workshop: Sustainability. Japanese style knot bag. Delegation to Steem SkillShare. CLUB5050 promotion

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Online Crochet workshop with KimCraft. We are going to crochet Japanese knot bag.

Screenshot_20211018-134411_Photo Editor.jpg
As you can see from the picture one handle is longer than the other one which allows you to lock a bag in a knot.



  • any yarn like cotton or polyester ( 300 meters)
  • matching hook
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle

Workshop language: English

Crochet Skill: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Workshop includes:

  1. guided video instruction
  2. written patrern
  3. private chat on Telegram for assistance
  4. group video class for 45 minutes on Zoom


I have promoted Steem Skillshare to a new user @kzee. Please check her posts and support her creativity. I am going to guide and mentor her.



400 SP Delegation to Steem SkillShare

Workshop price: 20 steem

10% discount for those who join club 5050

 last month 

Nice work.

 last month 

Thank you for great post. I really want to see crochet workshop successfully organised on Steem SkillShare

 last month 

Good post! The bag is cute and practical. Thanks for promoting the community!


 last month 

Great post. Thanks for sharing

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