Promoting Steem on my Social Media: Instagram and YouTube. Bought a logo on Steem SkillShare

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My Story of buying logo on Steem SkillShare

Few months ago I joined Steem Skillshare and contacted graphic designer @atim1234 to design logo for my YouTube and Instagram. I think if not for Steemit, I would never had professional looking logo but thanks free, immediate and easy transactions, I decided to buy logo on Steemit. It was super easy as I got my logo done just in few days.

kim caft icon.png
I am a Crochet Designer on Social Mediaso for me it is important to keep clients motivated and attracted visually by having nice design of Youtube channel and fancy looking instagram page so logo was really important.



kim craft logo.png


wow that's great, thanks a lot for your efforts

 3 months ago 

Promotion is very important. We promote Steem Transactions between users

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