Promoting Steem Skillshare to my Hairdresser. Delegated 200 SP. Plans to put Steemit poster for client Sign up.

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Hello Steem Skillshare!!
Today I was trying to promote Steem SkillShare to my local hair dresser. Golan is the name of my hair dresser. He is very experienced and professional hair dresser who iscvery creative and can teach hair cuts. And hair care techniques.

Golan can be a good resource on Steem SkillShare to share his posts about good hair cleaning products, showing us how trendy hair cuts.

I think it is very good to know how to cut your hair at home. During lockdowns many people had problem with cutting hair as all the saloons were closed.

I suggested Golan to open blog on Steemit and share his talant with us. His barbershop is called "American Barbershop ".

The interior was really well decorated as atmosphere is really fresh and friendly. I think when we go to cut hair we want to become more beautiful and to be in a beautiful saloon is great as well.


Golan is really nice guy who is friendly and passionate about his business. He can see the client's face and understand which cut can suit that person.
Following Steem Skillshare guidelines we will print out the poster of Steem with QR code for Steemit sign up. So when the clients will wait their turn they can check Steemit.



 3 months ago 

Thank you so much!! Thank you for delegation!

 3 months ago 


 3 months ago 

That's great! I do love the promotion of our community and steemit in general. Who knows, maybe your hairdresser will agree to accept STEEM/SBD as the payment for his services. That would be very profitable for the platform and surely for him as well.

Thank you for your delegation, we are very grateful!

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much for kind comment!! I am always happy to promote Steem SkillShare. I even printed a T shirt to recruit specialists in my city

 3 months ago 

Gracias por promover la plataforma y por su delegación en apoyo a la comunidad. Es una excelente idea promover la comunidad y Steemit con su peluquero para que nos proporcione sus conocimientos!


 3 months ago 

Thank you so much !! I am sure Steem Skillshare will grow big!

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