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Assalamu Alaikum
I am from Bangladesh🇧🇩 @ sangram5
Today, Saturday.
21,August, 2021

Hello friends, Good morning to everyone first. I hope you are all well, by the grace of God I am well too. So today I will highlight one such thing among you. It has never been shared before and it is one of the most beautiful moments of daily life. And listen, let's find out the explanation and description of what the beautiful moment was like.

Every life story




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Everyone is in trouble because of the corona epidemic, so I say again that to solve the problem, each of you should be vaccinated against the corona virus right now. First of all, good morning and best wishes. As soon as I woke up in the morning, my uncle called me and told me to come to Pirganj. I woke up immediately, ate something fresh and went to my little uncle's house. And I got into a mischief with my cousin for a while, and that was my morning information.




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As soon as we left for Pirganj, our afternoon rolled by, so we went to our destination without stopping to go to our destination. And when we get there, we have lunch and after spending some time talking to them, we go to work. And head home at four-thirty, and that was the information at noon.




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When we ran out of oil on our way home, we went to a pump to get some oil. And as we get home it becomes evening, we get tired after wandering around all day. So I drank some water along the road, and that was my information in the afternoon.

I hope you guys will like this post of mine and if there are any mistakes in words and writing, you will be forgiven.

thanks everyone