Steem SkillShare Community Map. Newcomer guide.

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Dear Member of Steem Skillshare,

We know that for a Newcomer, it is easy to get lost in all Communities on Steemit. You can be confused and not exactly sure what Content is welcomed. That is why Steem Skillshare created a map or a plan to act to be an active and supportive member.

If you are a specialist

Steem Skillshare is a platform where we teach and learn new skills. Skills can be of any kind: music, art, craft, sport, programming, web design, design, cooking, writing. The goal is by writing series of post to promote yourself as a specialist with a proof of photos and portfolio of your works. You can teach your skill or sell already the digital product that can be sold online for steem. As a teacher or coach you can sell online lessons through, video call, calls or chat depending on students needs. Publish your success on Steem SkillShare to motivate others to sell and accept Steem cryptocurrency.


If you are a learner

A learner in our Community learn new skills and knowledge. You can directly contact any of our professionals. Normally professionals have labels that means Steem Skillshare Team had direct contact with Specialists. Many of our moderators take sample lessons before labeling to be sure the Account is not a fraud. You can pay for lessons with free transactions of Steem cryptocurrency. That is one of the reasons we created Steem Skillshare.


If you sell services

You can sell services for Steem or Tron. Sometimes it requires just to make a post about services you can offer and if you will constantly advertise, we are sure you can create a big client database. You can sell online courses, videos, e- books, photos, illustrations, logos, graphics,
Software, music, data, spreadsheets.

If you need to buy services or digital products

You can always make post looking for any online service or digital products. Our users successfully sell logo designs, avatar, web designs and etc. We have a Coach that sell online consultancy of transformating your life. There are many different coaches, teachers and specialists who can help you to improve your life just for paying steem.

Non - profitable activities

Our Community is also promoting Donations to School as a constant charity support. You can read more here
As a community member you can delegate or donate to this Community to support this Initiative and to promote practical usage of Steem.*

|50 SP|
|100 SP|
|200 SP|
|400 SP|
|800 SP|
|1000 SP|
|3000 SP|
|6000 SP|

We will sponsor all the teachers and specialists who successfully deliver their services and provide all the information about their studying progress here on Steem SkillShare to motivate other Steemians.


Thank you to @steemcurator01



Is it really possible to sell services through the steemit platform?

That's great to know about the motive behind creating a great community like Steem Skillshare.

I have contributed my skills to this community as link below

I would be happier if I can give my best contribution for the growth of this community and the @steemit ecosystem.

Thank you Admin for your guidance.

Regards @printskill

This is really a good community for those who like to continuously improve themselves by learning new skill and earning from the utilization of it as well.
I know about this community from the post of @printskill and I subscribed it.
I am eager to learn new skills from this great community.

Hello, @steem.skillshare, I love this community and the loads of information I get from here, especially on the subject permaculture by @papi.mati.

How do i become a verified member of this community?

just join the community, and join our discord channel ;)

Alright, i already joined thw community, but i the discord channel link has expired.

 3 months ago 

It's so nice to read that you enjoy my lessons :)
We don't have a typical verification process with photos or linking achievement 1, like in other groups. You are allowed to write in the community without verification.

If you are a teacher and if you will post the offer with online lessons for STEEM/SBD, you may get the teacher label. You don't need it to write in the community or get supported though.

 3 months ago 

Wow!! Nice guidelines for newcomers.

Great community... Newbie here

This is really good for everyone to share their skills. Either to earn or to learn something new.

Hola @steem.skillshare, hace un momento acabo de suscribirme a la comunidad, me gusto todo. Hay alguna cosa especifica por hacer, para ser miembro ? o recibir una etiqueta de la comunidad?

Soy músico y me gustaría promocionar clases de guitarra por acá

 3 months ago 

Steem skillshare has proven to be a beautiful community for both teachers as learners. For one thing I appreciate it for not leaving my posts unanswered.
I hope to be more active as the days go by.

Thanks so much for the road map. It's really helpful for us newcomers.

 3 months ago 

Wow this is amazing to all newbies joining this community and I think it briefcase the purpose and aim of this community. Thanks for sharing with us such an educative content.✊

Awesome community. I write poetry, flash fiction stories, I also draw, do needleworks and DIYs. I love to grow with this community.

Didn't know this community existed but now i know and i want to be part of it

I really benefited from reading this post. In fact, it is a very useful post for those new users. Thank you very much

 2 months ago 

Wow so amazing I love this package. This is a well detailed guidance for newbies like me. Thanks so much for this. Will try my possible best to contribute to the growth of this community @steem.skillshare

I would like to be a teacher. How can i do it?

Soy nueva en esta plataforma y ando un poco perdida la verdad, pero encontrar esta comunidad y sobre todo este post me alienta a seguir acá

Wonderful community. I am newbie here

I am new here. It's a really good community for learning.

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