How to practice Chinese on your own. All tools and methods

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Watch Chinese movies and learn Chinese songs

Since just studying with books is boring. I want to start with the most pleasant and fun way to start learning Chinese on your own. It is very hard to learn without immersing into language atmosphere. Movies are great for practicing language as well as understanding culture and mentality. Language is not just a list of words and grammar rules. It is important to learn a new language in context with culture, history, mentality and etc. Songs can train your listening skills and improve your pronunciation.

Listen to Chinese Podcasts

In my previous post I was talking about useful apps but except apps you can use podcasts that teach Chinese. They teach you in a fun and easy way into languages, for example, English and Chinese. You can do house chorus and listen to the podcast. Podcasts can help you to increase vocabulary and improve your listening skills.

Online language Exchange

There are many free on-line websites where you can chat with native speakers online. This is beneficial for both parties as you can start with simple chats and let your speaking improve in more or less natural way.

Online one - to one tutor

You can learn with me as well as try other specialists who can teach you to master language two or more times per week. It is one of the most effective way. As you can practice all for skills with a tutor:

  • reading
  • listening
  • speaking
  • writing


Diary Games on Steemit

Diary Games are fun way to practice the new language. You can write posts in the other groups. There are many Chinese Communities on Steemit.
For example,

You can make many new friends and learn a lot of new information for your Chinese improving.


Nowadays there are many methods and tools to learn a foreign language. Try just to be persistent and devoted so you can see results faster.

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Those are the easiest idea to learn.

 2 months ago 

They are excellent alternatives to learn Chinese language!

 2 months ago 

Like always, the best quality of the post. I love your lessons and I agree with the clues you are giving to the new students in this publication

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