Virtual tour of Korea. You can be virtualy in Seoul for 10 steem.

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You can visit dynamic and beautiful Korea just for 10 steem from the comfort of your home.


You can call me on Discord with Video and I show you real live time Korea. You will beautiful streets, different shops and cafes for 30 minutes.
You will see how people in Korea live, what they eat and where they go.
The idea is that you will feel as if you are there with me.
If you've never been to korea but always wanted, don't miss your chance.


Virtual Tour Price: 10 steem

Book 30 minute tour in advance

You can travel online and see how others live

 2 months ago 

Thank you for a wonderful service!

wow.. very innovation idea to this platform.. can you show us a demo for about 1 minute, kinda trailer.. then I will definitely be your guest 🙋‍♂️

That really great am considering on calling you right now

 2 months ago 

Great idea!