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RE: LGT token swap with Steem begins 1 September 2020. 1 LGT = 1 Steem 9월 1일 부터 1:1 비율로 LGT 토큰을 스팀으로 교환가능합니다.

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I miss your vote on my post from the 09/21!
Thank you!


Thanks! I have been to your post! Have a good day!

Thank you!
Sorry, but I didn't recieved the Steem today from my delegation!

Hi! Dev told me that there was a server problem. Sorry for late distribution! Thanks always!

Just deleget more: now 35899SP

Thanks a lot!

Sorry Sir, but I didn't get your vote for my yesterday's post!

Sorry Sir, but I
Didn't get your vote for my
Yesterday's post! Thanks

                 - tomhall

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hi! I have been to your post! Thanks!

and also the LGT token from my delegation