And In The Beginning

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There was Hive!

It's been a while since anyone saw my INTRO post, so, here's a little about me, Bluefin Studios.

I live East Coast US, in the Greater Boston Area, and split my time between Boston area and Cape Cod. I am a Special Events Production Manager, working in Corporate Meetings, Events, Parties and Functions. I started in Events, as a Lighting design, then did some Audio, some Video, etc. My events typically are somewhere in the US, or sometimes Canada. Not opposed to World travel, but, not booked on any lately.
Good News, that's what I do. My own company, work for myself.
Bad News, I am completely shut down right now. literally every client has cancelled all events until end of 2020.

In addition to special events, I am a landscape, Nature, wildlife photographer. I shoot Cape Cod, New England, Waterfalls, Sunsets, Lighthouses, Birds, and other Wildlife.

I sell my images on coasters, cutting boards, note cards, prints, framed and unframed, metal, aluminum, ornaments, home decor, and more.

Bluefin Studios

My time online, Compuserve a thousand years ago, FB, ello, a few other failed social sites, then 3 years ago, Steem. I've spent some time in welcome Wagon on Steem, in Spunkee Monkee, as one of the founders of Steem Foundation, and now, I've found a new HIVE

This leaves my personal world...

Father of two daughters, both seniors in college. Hopefully graduating, though given things lately, that's not assured. One's on the chain, one's not. Brother, and recently lost my mom. Dad passed a few years back.

Anyway, that's me. Tell me about you?

Always, I strive to give back

To the animals and birds around me

to put more plants in than I take out

And be a good steward for the world around me!

All Photos by Bluefin Studios.


Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!

I am !DERANGED and give some away too...

You are till on Steem. If you are using keychain, need to change api to For me it worked after logging in to with the posting key.

will do

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