Last Night Spearfishing, Night Diving / Thank you god for the another blessings.

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First and for all, I would like to say sorry to all my friends here especially @mrnightmare89,@johndoer123, @thekittygirl,@apolymask, @cadawg, @bliss11, @jamesrussell, @gerber, #mermaidvampire, @xcountytravelers, @ simplymike, @brittandjosie, @wesphilbin and to all who are not mention sorry for letting you down. It's A long story of why I left my account sleep for a long time ago. I know just like my friends said family comes first and I admit it I miss you all guys, I am trying to set my time in the past months but my time is so short and I need to sacrifice it because of my needs and my duties to serve people as a government employee.

Until the time comes to a very bad pandemic virus attack and this is the worse months I ever had for a long time. I know the virus attack is rampant to all countries and the crisis outbreak.

Some friends ask me why I am power down my account and sell off my steam and hives. I really need it because I need another source of income to survive the crisis to save my family regarding this virus attack and crisis outbreak. I need to buy some relief goods to my family, I am really sorry for letting you down but don't you worry after this crisis did and back to normal life I will stand back up my account for the rest of the communities.

But anyway I am trying now to get my account to stand up trying to make a post one post per day If I have time to save.

So as you can see, last night my friends and I going to the sea a big night diving hunting to catch delicious fish. You know what night diving is not a joke nor a playing game. Night driving can kill lives even you are a professional diver. Some divers kill by collapse, sacrificing to finds fish to sell. Actually nigh dive spearfishing is one of the livelihoods here in the Philippines.
People here called spearo meaning the spearfishing man hehe I know it sounds like a joke but this is not a joke. Anyway, I will let you judge if the fish I caught is good for the market or not. just leave a comment in the comment box below.
And wait if you know this fish I will send 1 hive for the person who names all the fish I caught. First, come first server only one person win.

Thank you!

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