HIVE on Ryan Matta’s Bitcoin Live stream - The Crypto Breakdown Show! WoW 🌙 🌚 😃

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HIVE making it BigTime! 😳

Maybe we can get STEEM on next??
86574408522140F9BD693082AC0EA830.jpeg Ryan Matta making HIVE look all official!

The squeaky wheel gets the greece!

Say HIVE enough times fast on Matta’s Crypto Breakdown show, and he will analyze / TS the coin! He did say it looked like it might go down a bit in the short run, but you know the old saying, there’s no such thing as bad press!

What a great advertisement for HIVE! - Thanks Ryan!!

It gets evwn better, Matta said in tonight’s live stream that he’s going to do a whole Youtube video segment on HIVE later this week! Last time he sid the ADA segment, the coin jumped. Be sure to go and watch for his upcoming HIVE video, and be sure to buy some more HIVE on the dip before his video comes out! This is exciting, it means more mewn time for HIVE coming soon!🚀

Watch Ryan Matta Live on Youtube below:

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