Do You Like Girl Gone Crypto... Or Do You Want to Censor Her?

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What's Up Hive Fam,

Being a content creator in the blockchain space... I always knew the day would come that I would come up against censorship issues - especially with the recent crypto purge on Youtube. I just assumed my censorship issues would be on Youtube, twitter or some other centralized site. I never expected it to happen on Steemit. 😳

Oh wait... I guess Steemit IS a centralized site now so I shouldn't be surprised.

I just made a short video that I posted on twitter explaining what happened and sharing screenshots of @steempeak vs. Steemit and included a shot of the code @themarkymark included in his post detailing all of the posts that were just removed from

Screen Shot 20200319 at 1.10.35 PM.png

Check out the video on Twitter

The ironic thing about this all is that this is a direct example of WHY the Steem community was worried about centralization. Steem is supposed to be a censorship-free zone and so it's examples like this that really show why Hive is even being created.

I am posting this article from Steem peak and so we'll see if this post get's taken down from - but either way - I just want to say how much I appreciate the Steem Peak team for giving us a safe haven to share our content until the new Hive chain is in full effect. Grab your popcorn because this will be an interesting next couple of days!

Much love you guys. 💕

XO, Lea



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FinallyFriday Community

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I don’t cry “censorship” lightly. Steemit has always had the ability and has blocked users in the past for excessive spam, illegal activity, etc. As we always used to cry out, “Steemit is not Steem!“ Steemit has always been centralized and censored.

What’s so egregious here is the content being excluded, and it’s clear the decision is entirely spiteful, childish, and unprofessional. Never has this community censored discussion and promotion of projects like Sola, Ono, Narrative, or Voice. In fact many of us supported and explored them, but the vast majority are now dead... and we keep coming back to Steem.

The only thing Justin is right about is that Hive is a threat to Steem’s success. It sure is. Hive is the future! Hope to see everyone there!

(I really want to change your commercial from, “Do You Take Discover?” to “Will You Switch to Hive?” 😁)

When I first saw the title I didn't like where this was headed LOL!! Sly play of words!

Best title ever.

  1. I like you!
  2. I like you!
  3. I also like you!

Was in any way, clear that I like you? If not, well then, I like you! 🤣 😅 😆 💥

haha nice title!

@tipu curate

Hehe thanks!! @goldmatters actually thought of it when I was chatting with him!

I think these really short form posts, like that brief one from marky which just state the facts plain and simple are really damning for Sun.

Steem could just burn after this.

I have already swapped my BLUE avatar color for the so much nice redish =)

oh how does one do that?!

Do you still have you picture that you used for your avatar?

Open it on Paint... copy the color from the HIVE official branding assets and then update you profile avatar via steampeak for example.

Ooh something I'll have to look into, be a good task for my train journey home later, thanks for the link, that's useful!

It's fucking disgusting that they would go to these measures.

This is beyond the pale and proof of exactly why forking the chain is absolutely necessary.

Or at least taking over Steem in some other way...

But it's forking, and we'll see what the future holds.

Okay there is no more doubt I will use EXCLUSIVELY Hive now 😂

Whisky Tango Foxtrot??? Why would anyone feel the need to censor that video? It's been one of the most balanced pieces that I've seen since this whole saga started.

such crap, sorry to hear your content is being removed. On to Hive and better days ahead!

That's why I don't use steemit and their rpc.

Nooooo I wouldn't dare to say keep your mouth Lea... 🙈 never say that to a woman... of course I would dream to say it sometimes but you know if I would say it.... I knoooooow I would regret it in the very near coming future. 😂🤣😂🤣 but the oh you can't say this or that it's not okay.

You make good content, it's also a bit part of your bread so yeah just keep it coming.

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